Subject: Re: Etiquette query
To: Eric d'Alibut <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/05/2005 13:49:21
Eric d'Alibut wrote:

>I need advice on how to proceed, properly, as an end-user of NetBSD,
>with a question about a bug-report. The scenario is:
>1. I file a bug report.
>2. A developer volunteers to pick it up, and does so.
>3. Several weeks pass by, during which someone, presumably the package
>maintainer, works on the package and introduces changes, bumping it up
>to a new "nb" number.
>4. My bug remains unaddressed.
>In such a situation, how ought I bring it to someone's attention that,
>despite the new build number, the package is still significantly
>Best regards &c.,
Part of the question here is, is the correct fix known?  Just because a 
pkg is bumped to a new "nb" number doesn't mean the fix for your problem 
is known... it may be a case of a necessary dependency update, or any of 
a number of other things that required a PKG_REVISION bump.

If the fix _is_ known (perhaps you submitted it in the PR?), a polite 
note to either the developer who picked it up or the developer who 
commited the pkg change would probably be enough to get the fix 
committed.  If the fix isn't done yet, well, this is a volunteer 
project, as I'm sure you know, and nobody can set another's priorities...