Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Hammond, Robin-David%KB3IEN <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/05/2005 20:01:34
 	Let me begin by saying we apreciate the great job the pkgsrc 
maintainers are doing in cross platform compatability. I use the pkgsrc 
tools on Darwin, Debian and also NetBSD, usualy with great success. I 
however have one recurring problem:

i need a bmake update that updates dependancies, IE, if i change from 
a.out to ELF binaries, and bmake update, installed AOUT binaries are not 
replaced with ELFs.

I also made the mistake making an ap-* module i think it was fastcgi or 
something, and it clobbered the apache2 binary. I later found out that the 
ap2-* packages should have been used. Is there an easy way to do a cvs 
checkout and not get 'depricated' apache1, mysql3 etc ?

Robin-David Hammond	KB3IEN