Subject: Re: please test avidemux update
To: Sebastian Prause <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/04/2005 16:03:58
On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Sebastian Prause wrote:

> builds, installs and runs just fine on my linux box.

Thanks for testing this.

> |  Note that this package does not support DivX.
> AFAIK libavcodec and xvid can open DivX files just fine (maybe not the
> newer ones?)

I see now the changelogs indicate that DivX support now works. I have
removed that line from my DESCR.

> | The author says name is avidemux2. Suggests installing it as avidemux2.
> I would say use the official one

Okay. avidemux2.

> | Maybe options could be used for the different codec supports?
> from looking at the dependencies I see support for these codecs:
> audio: aac (faac, faad2), mp3 (lame), mp1/2/3 (libmad),
>        vorbis (libvorbis), AC3 (liba52)
> video: mpeg (mjpegtools), avi (xvid)

I forgot about "arts". I had commented it out in the Makefile.

> I think the only canditates for exclusion are aac and vorbis.
> the others are too common to be left out IMO (think dvd/vcd/avi)

faad2 has redistribution problems, so that would be a good option.

> btw the website says that libmad is used for mp3, too, so i wonder what
> the dependency to lame is for

I am not sure. There is not a mailing list for the software and I don't
prefer to use web-based forums.

Thanks for testing this.

jmmv: may I commit an update for this? (Tested on NetBSD and Linux.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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