Subject: Re: Binary packages for i386
To: Vasant Kanchan <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/04/2005 14:12:50
> Hi,
> Did anybody have sucess  installing binary packages from NetBSD ftp site 
> for i386 ?.
> I was trying to install kde 3.3 and it kept failing on one package or 
> other. I thought the
> package system was designed to resursively get all the necessary packages.
> Any way to avoid having to build on my slow machine.
> Regards
> Kanchan

Hello Kanchan,

Yes, that is true. You can't install the kde-3.3.2 package, because it
depends on kdemultimedia3.3 and that depends on mplayer which is removed
because of security reasons.
But you can install kdebase-3.3.2 to get a working kde.

I also can't understand, why the new version of the mplayer package is not
uploaded to the ftp server. But you can build it yourself via pkgsrc.
Mplayer isn't the only package removed. (Mostly without any notice) There
are a lot. And due to this, alot of binaries aren't working at all, if they
are depending on each other.
I can't understand, why the 2.0 packages repository is left inconsistent.
Maybe you have to write a PR to inform the package maintainers.

Regards, Zafer.