Subject: mysql headers, buildlink
To: None <>
From: Piotr Stolc <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/04/2005 04:07:42
Few questions/problems ;)
Is .include "../../mk/" the correct way to link the
package with mysql?
There are also problems with mysql headers (in 2004Q4, maybe this is fixed
in -current). I use mysql 4.0, maybe this problem is specific only for this
version. Lets take mail/dovecot for example. configure script and
src/auth/db-mysql.h are trying to include <mysql.h> and <errmsg.h> and these
files are not found by cpp. changing include lines in the source to
<mysql/mysql.h> etc. fixes the problem. Same thing is going with
net/proftpd. Probably missing -I[...]include/mysql argument to cpp somewhere
in bl3 mechanisms.

btw, net/proftpd has not bl3ified Makefile - I'll contact the maintainer and
send him a patch with bl3 mysql support.