Subject: Re: cannot build openoffice under current
To: Thierry Lacoste <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/30/2005 12:24:10
On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 01:07:36PM +0100, Thierry Lacoste wrote:
> Thanks for your answer.
> I found your post on tech-pkg; I guess I didn't see it because it is
> too recent to be referenced by search engines.
> > FWIW I posted a message to tech-pkg about this - I think you will see
> > further up the errors which caused libaudio to be built, and essentially
> > it's because Xtheads.h includes threadlib.h if USE_NBSD_THREADLIB is
> > defined. threadlib.h is deprecated in current, so the question is: where
> > is USE_NBSD_THREADLIB defined? (you will see it in .work.log, but I still
> > haven't found where it is set..)
> >
> Could you please let me know if and when you are able to build oppenoffice?

I did a make distclean, and started again. This time in 9949258 bytes of
.work.log, USE_NBSD_THREADLIB isn't mentioned.. It may be that I had cruft
left over from earlier attempts while threadlib.h still existed..
Not finished yet though..