Subject: Re: midi and spiralsynth
To: Ben Collver <>
From: Dave <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/28/2005 00:05:05
On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Ben Collver wrote:

> I think this is what happens:
> Synth.C --> main() --> Synth *synth=new Synth; --> Synth::Synth()
> --> MidiDevice::Get()->SetDeviceName(SpiralInfo::MIDIFILE);
> SpiralSound/Midi.h --> MidiDevice::Get() --> m_Singleton=new MidiDevice;
> --> MidiDevice::MidiDevice() --> MidiDevice::Open()
> --> MidiDevice::SetDeviceName
> The problem is that SpiralSynth opens the MIDI device path before
> calling SetDeviceName.
> Unfortunately, I don't currently have MIDI hardware to test this on.
> Would you try the following patch and see whether SpiralSynth can
> actually use the MIDI device?  The patch is a kludge, but if it works
> than I will try to make something better.  I am not sure, but you might
> want to use /dev/rmidi* instead of /dev/sequencer.

This patch did allow the midi keyboard to be used.  Using /dev/rmidi* was
also necessary.  However, now SpiralSynth is intolerably slow (about 1
second response time).

David Griffith