Subject: Re: format of status messages
To: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/27/2005 22:06:43
Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:
> hi,
> On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 05:20:27PM +0100, Roland Illig wrote:
>>Perhaps we can have the following in (and use it):
> i am not opposed to make it more clear where the messages belong, but
> isn't the hierarchy logic you propose a bit backwards? --  "the shorter
> arrow you get, the deeper you are".  also, it doesn't scale well, what
> if you add something at the end of the chain?

I thought for the first step it would be wise to emulate the current 
behaviour before inventing something new. I think for many cases the 
three variables are enough. At least until now noone has complained. ;)

After thinking a bit about it, I prefer the following solution about the 
one above:

STAGE_MSG=	${ECHO} "===>"
STEP_MSG=	${ECHO} "==>"

I would like to have these variables public (that is: not beginning with 
an underscore) so that package authors may use them.