Subject: SysV IPC/semaphore
To: None <,>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/24/2005 20:56:29
   Hi.  I was trying to update to perl-5.8.5 on my NetBSD 2.0.1 sparc64 
using pkg-src2004Q4.  However, multiple SysV/IPC tests fail on setget().

   I found that if the ext/IPC/SysV/sem.t test allocates 10 semephores, 
it fails
right away with the "No space left on device" error.  If I lower it to 
7, all
tests pass (after adjusting the presumptions of the other tests about 
the number
of semaphores there are).

   I looked at my kernel config, and have:

## System V compatible IPC subsystem.  (msgctl(2), semctl(2), and 
options         SYSVMSG         # System V message queues
options         SYSVSEM         # System V semaphores
options         SYSVSHM         # System V shared memory
#options         SHMMAXPGS=1024  # 1024 pages is the default
options         P1003_1B_SEMAPHORE      # p1003.1b semaphore support

   I tried raising SHMMAXPGS to 2048, but that didn't affect it.

   Anyone know why this is happening?  Is it a sparc64 problem, or
just some poor allocation of resources problem in the kernel I'm
using?  Or a perl problem?

   This perl package (pkgsrc-2004Q4 i386 2.0.1) works just fine there, 
all the tests.  To the best of my knowledge, the above-mentioned section
of the kernel config is unmodified on that machine...


                      - Chris