Subject: Re: Am I missing something for using CONF_FILES?
To: Adrian Portelli <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/22/2005 15:53:06
Adrian Portelli wrote:

> Jeff Rizzo wrote:
>> At various points in the package Makefile, there's the following bits:
>> ASTEXAMPLEDIR?=${PREFIX}/share/examples/asterisk
> You can just set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR=asterisk and then just refer to 
> ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR} which will hold the value of /usr/pkg/etc/asterisk

OK, I'll do that.

> This _may_ be your issue. It's a bit hard to say.  After you finish an 
> install does /usr/pkg/etc/asterisk exist ?
> Also, have you set USE_PKGINSTALL=YES ?

Nope, that was the issue... guess I missed that part of  :)  Thanks!

> Well that looks ok, I dont know why you did the "CONF_FILES= # empty" 
> line you can just go straight into it with a:

I've got a bunch of config files to install, and that was the way 
mail/postfix did it.  :) 

> HTH,
> adrian.

It did!  Thanks a bunch for the reply... I hope to have something in wip 
in the next day or so.  (depending on how long it takes me to brew beer 
tomorrow!  :)