Subject: Re: Wine builds ok but wont run
To: None <>
From: Rumi Szabolcs <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/18/2005 03:11:57

> > >> Just running wine --help throws this error up
> > >>
> > >> wine: failed to initialize: mmap of entire address space failed:
> > >> Cannot
> > >> allocate memory

> > I've commited the package, because it started working for me
> > (NetBSD-i386-current 2.99.14).
> > I thought it was because I enabled NEW_BUFQ_STRATEGY, but, after a
> > test, I discovered it is not the case.
> > I will continue on the investigation, but in the mean time, if someone
> > could compare the output of 'make configure' with mine (attached), I'd
> > appreciate. (I think my version have discovered fontforge and installed
> > some fonts).

I've also built wine-20050111 from pkgsrc successfully. With a netbsd-2.0
release kernel I ran into the above error with mmap failing. With a -current
(netbsd-2.99.14) kernel but the 2.0 release userland wine was able to start
but it ate 100% cpu continuously and failed to bring up any window just hung
there. This suggests that something in the -current userland may be also key
to wine to function, it's not just the mmap issue.