Subject: Re: Tarball of my Zope/Plone pkgsrc work in progress available
To: None <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/16/2005 18:09:07

As was kindly pointed out to me, it seems I forgot something rather
important.  Oops!  The URL for the site is:

- Doug

Quoting Douglas Wade Needham (
> Greetings to everyone.
> As you may know from a few previous messages, over the past few
> months, I have been doing some work to create updated pkgsrc packages
> for Zope, Plone, and some associated Zope product packages.  Over this
> time, I have been testing my work, and even using it for several web
> sites.  In doing so, I have found several nagging little problems,
> such as some problems during your first login after registering, which
> resulted in my reporting the problem and/or waiting for new release.
> The first results of this work are almost ready.  However, before I
> release the work to the public for general consumption by putting it
> into pkgsrc-wip and eventually pkgsrc, I would like to see it get a
> bit more testing.  I know several folks have asked about a work such
> as this during this period, and I am Bcc'ing each of them to be sure
> they see this message.
> I also know that some of you are wondering why not just take it
> straight to pkgsrc-wip in the first place?  The reasons are
> four-fold.
> a) I know some folks do not know where pkgsrc-wip is, how to use it,
>    etc.  
> b) Some others have expressed that they just will refuse to use pkgsrc-wip.
> c) I know some folks have already expressed interest in my WIP, and
>    they may fall into the first or second group.
> d) By going the route I am going, I also plan on getting additional
>    testing.  Read on to know how!
> Before telling you were to get it, I will say that I am releasing this
> WIP under more restrictive conditions than the final work will be
> released.  This is because I want to maintain close control over this
> WIP, as well as to have folks to know that I make no guarentees about
> my work (and especially the work of those others which created the
> software for which I am creating pkgsrc wrappers) on any other
> machine.  All that I can say is that I am currently using this
> software on an i386 box running NetBSD 2.0, configured the way I have
> it configured.  In addition, I also want to make sure that folks are
> well aware that I want feedback, and don't go modifying my work left
> and right (making the testing worthless), etc.  But the more platforms
> folks try this out on and provide feedback to me, the better things
> will be in the long run.
> I have put this WIP on a web site I just built with this WIP (it still
> needs some customization, including a site agreement), and to get at
> it, you will need to register on this site.  You will then see a tab
> at the top of the page for the downloads section.  Once you go there,
> you will see a section for Zope and Plone, and in there you will find
> the file.  There is a brief set of pseudo-instructions for the file on
> the site, and a README file in the archive.  If you have a issue with
> this, then drop me an polite email and we can discuss this offline.
> Have fun, and remember, the more feedback I can get about this WIP on
> more platforms, the quicker it will make it into pkgsrc-wip and then
> into full release, and the better that release will be!
> - Doug