Subject: Tarball of my Zope/Plone pkgsrc work in progress available
To: None <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/15/2005 20:23:10

Greetings to everyone.

As you may know from a few previous messages, over the past few
months, I have been doing some work to create updated pkgsrc packages
for Zope, Plone, and some associated Zope product packages.  Over this
time, I have been testing my work, and even using it for several web
sites.  In doing so, I have found several nagging little problems,
such as some problems during your first login after registering, which
resulted in my reporting the problem and/or waiting for new release.
The first results of this work are almost ready.  However, before I
release the work to the public for general consumption by putting it
into pkgsrc-wip and eventually pkgsrc, I would like to see it get a
bit more testing.  I know several folks have asked about a work such
as this during this period, and I am Bcc'ing each of them to be sure
they see this message.

I also know that some of you are wondering why not just take it
straight to pkgsrc-wip in the first place?  The reasons are

a) I know some folks do not know where pkgsrc-wip is, how to use it,

b) Some others have expressed that they just will refuse to use pkgsrc-wip.

c) I know some folks have already expressed interest in my WIP, and
   they may fall into the first or second group.

d) By going the route I am going, I also plan on getting additional
   testing.  Read on to know how!

Before telling you were to get it, I will say that I am releasing this
WIP under more restrictive conditions than the final work will be
released.  This is because I want to maintain close control over this
WIP, as well as to have folks to know that I make no guarentees about
my work (and especially the work of those others which created the
software for which I am creating pkgsrc wrappers) on any other
machine.  All that I can say is that I am currently using this
software on an i386 box running NetBSD 2.0, configured the way I have
it configured.  In addition, I also want to make sure that folks are
well aware that I want feedback, and don't go modifying my work left
and right (making the testing worthless), etc.  But the more platforms
folks try this out on and provide feedback to me, the better things
will be in the long run.

I have put this WIP on a web site I just built with this WIP (it still
needs some customization, including a site agreement), and to get at
it, you will need to register on this site.  You will then see a tab
at the top of the page for the downloads section.  Once you go there,
you will see a section for Zope and Plone, and in there you will find
the file.  There is a brief set of pseudo-instructions for the file on
the site, and a README file in the archive.  If you have a issue with
this, then drop me an polite email and we can discuss this offline.

Have fun, and remember, the more feedback I can get about this WIP on
more platforms, the quicker it will make it into pkgsrc-wip and then
into full release, and the better that release will be!

- Doug