Subject: New version of ike-scan (IPsec IKE scanner) available - v1.7
To: None <>
From: Roy Hills <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/13/2005 17:29:41
ike-scan v1.7 has been released.

I'm sending you this Email because you've previously registered an interest 
in ike-scan, or because I think that you are the maintainer of an ike-scan 
port or package.  If you don't want to receive further ike-scan 
announcements, please let me know and I'll remove your address from the list.

The key changes from the previous version (v1.6) are:

a) new psk-crack program to crack IKE Aggressive Mode pre-shared keys using 
either dictionary or brute-force methods.
The new --pskcrack (-P) ike-scan option outputs the psk parameters to a 
file or stdout for cracking with psk-crack.

b) Support for IKE over TCP.
Two variants are supported: raw IKE over TCP as used by Checkpoint VPN-1, 
and encapsulated IKE over TCP as used by Cisco VPN Concentrator.

c) New --random (-R) option to randomise the target list.

d) The identity payload for aggressive mode may be specified as either a 
string or hex (previously, it could only be specified as hex).

e) Ability to use the OpenSSL MD5 and SHA1 hash functions.
This is enabled with the --with-openssl option to ./configure.
The OpenSSL hash functions are generally faster than the ike-scan built-in 
functions, which is useful for pre-shared key cracking.

f) Many more backoff fingerprints and vendor ID patterns added.

g) Tested on many new platforms. Too many to mention them all, but 
significant ones are MacOS X, HP-UX and SCO Openserver.

For full details of the changes, please read the ChangeLog and NEWS files 
in the tarball.
For usage notes, please read the README and README-WIN32 files in the tarball.

To download the new version, go to: (Source 
(Windows-32 Binary)

Note that the new version is not linked from the main ike-scan page yet, so 
you need to use these links to download it.  I'll be updating the links on 
the download page soon.

md5sums should be:

c06c6a3d78ba9b93c0abf79b3a3d2a11  ike-scan-1.7.tar.gz  (Source Tarball)
4e8c37775d541318e9841f17d22d492e  (Windows-32 Binary)

If you are hosting a copy of ike-scan, or you are maintaining a port or 
package, please process and upload this new version.

Please continue to send any comments or suggestions to:
Comments on the new pre-shared key cracking code are particularly welcome.


Roy Hills