Subject: Re: upgrading ocaml
To: Antoine Reilles <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/12/2005 13:44:00
To tell you the truth I wouldn't mind upgrading it as well.  There's a 
package I've been meaning to import for a while but haven't been able to 
because ocaml was too old.  I played round with a few updated versions 
locally but since then other things got in the way and I'm not that 
familiar with ocaml :)

I think one thing we have to make sure of is that we don't break other 
apps that depend on ocaml.  As you have noted, and I've found myself, 
the packages that need ocaml can be very specific about which versions 
of ocaml they choose to work with.

Thanks for the package, I'll download it and see how it goes.  We should 
  also test all other apps that need ocaml (I don't think there are that 
many . . . say < 10 last time I looked).

(I can also probably get access to a OS X box to test it on as well)

Please feel free to email me off line if you've had success with other 
packages and the new compiler and we can take it from there.



Antoine Reilles wrote:

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> On Jan 11, 2005, at 23:27, Antoine Reilles wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I tried to update the ocaml package to the latest version: 3.08.2
>> I had to add USE_X11= yes
>> The way X11 support was disables before is no more acessible
> I tried to update the bibtex2html package to 1.74, since it requires a 
> recent ocaml.
> the update propositions are at:
> For testing purposes, i used a tests directory for these package, 
> instead of lang and textproc.
> So i've modified the lines
> DISTINFO_FILE=          ${.CURDIR}/../../tests/ocaml/distinfo
> PATCHDIR=               ${.CURDIR}/../../tests/ocaml/patches
> in ocaml/Makefile.common (with ../../tests/ instead of ../../lang/)
> and
> BUILD_DEPENDS=  ocaml-[0-9]*:../../tests/ocaml
> in bibtex2html/Makefile (again, with ../../tests/ instead of ../../lang/)
> Thanks for feedback,
>   Antoine
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