Subject: Re: problems building galeon12
To: Steven M. Bellovin <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/12/2005 22:55:38
"Steven M. Bellovin" wrote:

> With up-to-date pkgsrc:
> [ galeon12 lossage ]

I can unfortunately confirm I see the same lossage with up-to-date
pkgsrc on a 2.0 i386 box.  It looks like some mozilla API changed yet
again, and galeon12 isn't dealing with it.  My current working galeon
(from November 18 last year) is using mozilla-1.7.3nb2 as compared to
mozilla-1.7.5 in up-to-date pkgsrc.

Given that the galeon folks have said they're not maintaining the 1.2
stream any more, it may be time to look for another browser.  I can't
understand how they think that galeon 1.3 is an improvement :-/

Maybe another option is to keep a mozilla173 package around for galeon12
to depend on, but I don't know how maintainable that would be.  Is this
something that pkgviews can help with?

Simon Burge                            <>
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