Subject: Re: Removing python*-pth?!
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/11/2005 22:58:57 said:
> I'm wondering.. Are there any pressing reasons to keep a Python
> version  built without threads around? (I can't think of one...) 

There are two I'd consider:

1. Support for NetBSD<=1.6. GNU pth had performance and
   stability problems last I tried. Also for Python programs
   which didn't use threads. pkgsrc/devel/pth is a bit behind
   (2.0.3 vs. 2.0), but I'm not certain this is fixed.

2. Use of libpython*.so as plugin, via dlopen(). One can't
   load a threaded library into a non-threaded program because
   the pthread library initialisation does evil things if
   applied at runtime. postgresql-plpython would be such a case.
   (and postgresql is deliberately non-threaded, according to
   some article on their website)
   (The threadlib removal in -current has improved the
   situation, but won't help much before the next release.)

I personally don't care about NetBSD<2.0, at least I don't
need Python on the old systems. And I won't sacrifice SQL
portability in serious projects.
For sake of people using 1.6 or earlier, and for pl/python:
How about leaving one stable non-threaded Python version
around? 24pth's selftest hangs in test_signal when I try it,
so I'd vote for 23pth for now.

best regards