Subject: Re: feature request: packing list checking
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2005 12:16:50
Hubert Feyrer <> writes:
> On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
>> It would be neat if, just before a make install, a file got touched,
>> and just after the make install, a quick find -newer was done on
>> /usr/pkg (or wherever) to check that the packing list is indeed
>> correct. Our packing lists are "mostly" correct, but not always, and
>> this would pretty much eliminate the problem of them getting out of
>> date, which hurts binary package users...
> "make print-PLIST" does that.

Yah, but it doesn't happen every time an install happens, so you don't
get warnings. PLISTs are sometimes wrong because of weird things and
you generally never find out about it. It would be especially nice to
make very sure the PLIST is correct when building binary packages.