Subject: Changes to the Packages Collection in December 2004
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2005 13:27:29
Changes to the Packages Collection in December 2004

By my calculations, at the end of December 2004, there were 5266
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 5190 the previous
month, a rise of 76.

In December, there was a freeze on new functionality, and following
that, the pkgsrc-2004Q4 branch was made.  The freeze started on 6th
December, and lasted 2 weeks.  The old pkgsrc-2004Q3 branch has now
been deprecated, and continuing engineering now takes place on
pkgsrc-2004Q4. My thanks to all pkgsrc developers and users for
their help in making the new branch.

We also had new versions of kde, gnome, and an addition of a wiki. 
The first annual Alistair Crooks "My Name on All Files" award goes to
Grant Beattie for his updates of perl5 packages.

As part of the infrastructure, we've modified the pkg_install utilities,
so that they use a large buffer for full path names, even on operating
systems which don't use the Berkeley FFS.

Notable additions include:  anthy, anthy-elisp, ap-rivet, ap2-chroot,
bglibs, bmp-musepack, easymenu, ec-fonts-mftraced, edcommon, elscreen,
epeg, exult, figlet-fonts, firefox-gtk2-bin-acroread, flac2mp3,
freepats, getopt, gimp-docs, glade2-gnome, gnumeric, gob2,
gtk2-chtheme, guile-lib, kde3-i18n-af, kde3-i18n-gl, lablgtk2, labltk,
libmusepack, mailgraph, mdd, mixminion, mldonkey-gui, msnre, netgroup,
ocaml-graphics, p5-Business-ISBN-Data, p5-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch,
p5-File-Tail, p5-IO-All, p5-IO-Multiplex, p5-Kwiki,
p5-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs, p5-Kwiki-BreadCrumbs, p5-Kwiki-Favorites,
p5-Kwiki-HtmlBlocks, p5-Kwiki-Icons-Gnome, p5-Kwiki-NewPage,
p5-Kwiki-ParagraphBlocks, p5-Kwiki-PreformattedBlocks,
p5-Kwiki-RecentChanges, p5-Kwiki-Revisions, p5-Kwiki-Scode,
p5-Kwiki-Search, p5-Kwiki-UserName, p5-Kwiki-UserPreferences,
p5-Math-Random, p5-Spiffy, p5-Spoon, p5-SQL-Abstract, pdbar, pfqueue,
pkg_notify, postgrey, proxsmtp, py-basicproperty, py-Pyro, py-table,
py-urwid, py24-html-docs, python24, python24-pth, qbrew, radmind,
ruby-DBD-sqlite, sformat, simulavr, theme-dirs, uim, unalz, xenvstat,
and xmlto.

Notable updates include:  3ddesktop, a2ps, advi, aide, aiksaurus,
alee-ttf, analog, anomy-sanitizer, anthy, apache, arcem, arphic-ttf,
arts, asc, aspell, aspell-catalan, aspell-czech, aspell-danish,
aspell-english, aspell-faroese, aspell-gaeilge, aspell-german,
aspell-italian, aspell-norwegian, aspell-polish, aspell-russian,
aspell-svenska, aspell-ukrainian, at-spi, atk, autoconf, autoconf213,
avr-libc, awstats, baekmuk-ttf, beecrypt, bibparse, BitTornado-gui,
bittorrent-gui, bkpupsd, bmp, bmp-esound, boaconstructor, camlimages,
capc-calc, cbrowser, centericq, cgoban-java, clamsmtp, coq, cpuflags
(nice to see David up and about again), cscope, cue, cvsgraph,
cyberbase-ttf, cyberbit-ttf, db4, dbz-ttf, desktop-file-utils, dgpsip,
dhisd, djbdns-run, docbook-xsl, doclifter, dovecot, drivel,
dvd+rw-tools, eawpatches, ed2k-gtk-gui, eggdrop, electric, eog2,
epiphany-extensions, epydoc, etherape, ethereal, eukleides, evolution,
evolution-data-server, exim, exim-exiscan, ExmanIDE, ezmlm, ezmlm-idx,
festival, firefox, firefox-bin-flash, firefox-gtk2, flyspell,
freeradius, frozen-bubble, g-wrap, g-wrap1, gail, gaim, gal2,
gconf-editor, gdm, gedit, geg, geoslab703-ttf, getmail, ggv2, gice,
glade2, glib2, gmplayer, gnome, gnome-base, gnome-common, gnome-devel,
gnome-extras, gnome-mag, gnome-panel, gnome-themes,
gnome-themes-extras, gnome2-applets, gnome2-games,
gnome2-system-monitor, gnome2-terminal, gnome2-utils, gnopernicus,
gnucash, gnugk, gnupg, gnupg-devel, gok, gossip, gpdf, graphviz,
groff, gsasl, gss, gst-plugins, gst-plugins-artsd,
gst-plugins-cdparanoia, gst-plugins-dvdnav, gst-plugins-dvdread,
gst-plugins-esound, gst-plugins-faad, gst-plugins-flac,
gst-plugins-gnomevfs, gst-plugins-lame, gst-plugins-mad,
gst-plugins-mpeg2dec, gst-plugins-ogg, gst-plugins-oss,
gst-plugins-png, gst-plugins-theora, gst-plugins-vorbis, gtk-gnutella,
gtk2, gtk2-engines, gtk2-extras, gtkhtml3, gtkmm24, gtksee, gtkspell,
guile, guile-gtk, guile-pg, guppi, guspatches, gv, hatari, hmmer, hnb,
html, hugo, icewmconf, ImageMagick, imlib, intltool, iperf, irrd,
ispell-base, ispell-british, ispell-romanian, ja-less, jigdo, jwhois,
kde3, kde3-i18n-ar, kde3-i18n-bg, kde3-i18n-bn, kde3-i18n-bs,
kde3-i18n-ca, kde3-i18n-cs, kde3-i18n-cy, kde3-i18n-da, kde3-i18n-de,
kde3-i18n-el, kde3-i18n-en_GB, kde3-i18n-eo, kde3-i18n-es,
kde3-i18n-et, kde3-i18n-eu, kde3-i18n-fa, kde3-i18n-fi, kde3-i18n-fr,
kde3-i18n-he, kde3-i18n-hi, kde3-i18n-hr, kde3-i18n-hsb, kde3-i18n-hu,
kde3-i18n-is, kde3-i18n-it, kde3-i18n-ja, kde3-i18n-mn, kde3-i18n-ms,
kde3-i18n-nb, kde3-i18n-nds, kde3-i18n-nl, kde3-i18n-nn, kde3-i18n-pa,
kde3-i18n-pl, kde3-i18n-pt, kde3-i18n-pt_BR, kde3-i18n-ro,
kde3-i18n-ru, kde3-i18n-sk, kde3-i18n-sl, kde3-i18n-sr,
kde3-i18n-sr_Latn, kde3-i18n-sv, kde3-i18n-ta, kde3-i18n-tg,
kde3-i18n-tr, kde3-i18n-uk, kde3-i18n-uz, kde3-i18n-zh_CN,
kde3-i18n-zh_TW, kdeaccessibility3, kdeaddons3, kdeadmin3,
kdeartwork3, kdebase3, kdeedu3, kdegames3, kdegraphics3, kdelibdocs3,
kdelibs3, kdemultimedia3, kdenetwork3, kdepim3, kdesdk3, kdetoys3,
kdeutils3, kdevelop, kdevelop-base, kdewebdev, kmysqladmin, knights,
kochi-ttf, lablgtk, lablgtk2, leafpad, lftp, libassuan, libdnet,
libevent, libglade2, libgnomecups, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui,
libgsf, libgtop2, libidn, libksba, libtasn1, libtool, libtool-base,
liferea, lilypond, lyx-qt, lyx-xforms, mail-notification, mantis,
mathomatic, mencoder, metacity, mftrace, milter-greylist, mimedefang,
mips64emul, mit-krb5, mkvtoolnix, mldonkey, mmg, mozilla, mozilla-bin,
mozilla-gtk2, mozilla-stable, mplayer, mplayer-share, mrtg, ms-ttf,
mtr, mtr-gtk, mummer, mysql-client, nabi, namazu, napshare, nautilus,
nautilus-cd-burner, netpbm, netperf, ng-spice, normalize, nosefart,
nut, ocaml, octave-current, octave-forge, oinkmaster, openal, opencm,
openh323, openldap, openmotif, openssl, openvpn-current, opera7, osh,
overnet, p5-AddressBook, p5-Algorithm-Annotate, p5-Algorithm-Diff,
p5-Algorithm-Merge, p5-Apache-ASP, p5-Apache-AuthCookie,
p5-Apache-AuthCookieDBI, p5-Apache-DBI, p5-Apache-DBILogConfig,
p5-Apache-DBILogger, p5-Apache-ePerl, p5-Apache-Filter,
p5-Apache-Gallery, p5-Apache-Reload, p5-Apache-Session,
p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper, p5-Apache-SSI, p5-Apache-Test,
p5-AppConfig, p5-Archive-Tar, p5-Archive-Zip, p5-Array-PrintCols,
p5-AtExit, p5-Attribute-Handlers, p5-Audio-CD, p5-Audio-Wav,
p5-Authen-SASL, p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus, p5-BerkeleyDB, p5-Bit-Vector,
p5-BSD-Resource, p5-Business-CreditCard, p5-Business-ISBN,
p5-Business-ISBN-Data, p5-Business-UPS, p5-Cache-Cache,
p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry, p5-Carp-Assert, p5-CDDB, p5-CDDB_get,
p5-CGI, p5-CGI-Application, p5-CGI-FastTemplate, p5-CGI-FormBuilder,
p5-CGI-Kwiki, p5-CGI-Minimal, p5-CGI-Session, p5-CGI_Lite, p5-Chart,
p5-Chart-ThreeD, p5-chkjis, p5-Class-Accessor, p5-Class-Container,
p5-Class-Data-Inheritable, p5-Class-DBI, p5-Class-Factory,
p5-Class-Fields, p5-Class-Inner, p5-Class-Loader,
p5-Class-MethodMaker, p5-Class-ObjectTemplate, p5-Class-ReturnValue,
p5-Class-Trigger, p5-Class-WhiteHole, p5-Class-XPath, p5-Clone,
p5-Compress-Bzip2, p5-Compress-Zlib, p5-Config-General,
p5-Config-IniFiles, p5-ControlX10-CM11, p5-ControlX10-CM17,
p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour, p5-Convert-ASN1, p5-Convert-BER,
p5-Convert-BinHex, p5-Convert-PEM, p5-Convert-TNEF, p5-Convert-UUlib,
p5-Crypt-Blowfish, p5-Crypt-CAST5_PP, p5-Crypt-CBC,
p5-Crypt-CipherSaber, p5-Crypt-DES, p5-Crypt-DES_EDE3, p5-Crypt-DSA,
p5-Crypt-IDEA, p5-Crypt-OpenPGP, p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum,
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA, p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random, p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA,
p5-Crypt-Primes, p5-Crypt-Random, p5-Crypt-RandPasswd,
p5-Crypt-Rijndael, p5-Crypt-RIPEMD160, p5-Crypt-RSA, p5-Crypt-Twofish,
p5-Curses, p5-Cz-Cstools, p5-Data-Buffer, p5-Data-FormValidator,
p5-Data-Hierarchy, p5-Data-ShowTable, p5-Data-TemporaryBag,
p5-Data-UUID, p5-Date-Business, p5-Date-Calc, p5-Date-Manip,
p5-DBD-CSV, p5-DBD-Google, p5-DBD-mysql, p5-DBD-Oracle,
p5-DBD-postgresql, p5-DBD-SQLite, p5-DBD-Sybase, p5-DBD-XBase, p5-DBI,
p5-DBI-Shell, p5-DBIWrapper, p5-DBIx-ContextualFetch,
p5-DBIx-Datasource, p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder, p5-DB_File,
p5-Devel-Profile, p5-Devel-SmallProf, p5-Devel-StackTrace,
p5-Devel-Symdump, p5-Device-Gsm, p5-Device-Modem,
p5-Device-SerialPort, p5-Digest, p5-Digest-BubbleBabble,
p5-Digest-Hashcash, p5-Digest-HMAC, p5-Digest-MD2, p5-Digest-MD4,
p5-Digest-MD5, p5-Digest-Nilsimsa, p5-Digest-SHA, p5-Digest-SHA1,
p5-DNS-ZoneParse, p5-Email-Valid, p5-Error, p5-Event,
p5-Exception-Class, p5-Expect, p5-ExtUtils-Depends, p5-ExtUtils-F77,
p5-ExtUtils-PkgConfig, p5-ExtUtils-XSBuilder, p5-FCGI,
p5-File-BaseDir, p5-File-DirSync, p5-File-FlockDir, p5-File-MimeInfo,
p5-File-MMagic, p5-File-PathConvert, p5-File-Spec, p5-File-Temp,
p5-File-Type, p5-FileHandle-Unget, p5-FileKGlob, p5-Filter,
p5-finance-quote, p5-Font-AFM, p5-Font-TTF, p5-FreezeThaw, p5-GD,
p5-gdbm, p5-GDGraph, p5-GDGraph3d, p5-Gdk-Pixbuf, p5-GDTextUtil,
p5-Geo-IP, p5-Geography-Countries, p5-Getopt-Simple, p5-gettext,
p5-GIFgraph, p5-glib2, p5-Graph, p5-GraphViz, p5-gtk, p5-gtk2,
p5-Heap, p5-HTML-Clean, p5-HTML-FillInForm, p5-HTML-FixEntities,
p5-HTML-Format, p5-HTML-LinkExtractor, p5-HTML-Mason, p5-HTML-Parser,
p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter, p5-HTML-Scrubber, p5-HTML-SimpleParse,
p5-HTML-StickyQuery, p5-HTML-Table, p5-HTML-TableExtract,
p5-HTML-Tagset, p5-HTML-Template, p5-HTML-Tree, p5-HTMLObject,
p5-HTTP-DAV, p5-HTTP-Request-Form, p5-HTTPD-User-Manage,
p5-I18N-LangTags, p5-Ima-DBI, p5-Image-Imlib2, p5-Image-Info,
p5-Image-Size, p5-IMAP-Admin, p5-INET6, p5-Inline, p5-IO-Digest,
p5-IO-Interface, p5-IO-LockedFile, p5-IO-Null, p5-IO-Socket-Multicast,
p5-IO-Socket-SSL, p5-IO-String, p5-IO-stringy, p5-IO-Stty, p5-IO-Tee,
p5-IO-Tty, p5-IO-Util, p5-IO-Zlib, p5-IPC-Run, p5-IPC-Shareable,
p5-IPC-SharedCache, p5-IPC-ShareLite, p5-ispman, p5-Jcode, p5-Lchown,
p5-LDAP, p5-libapreq, p5-libapreq2, p5-libwww, p5-libxml,
p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect, p5-Locale-Codes, p5-Locale-Maketext,
p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy, p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon,
p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple, p5-Log-Agent, p5-Log-Dispatch,
p5-Log-Dispatch-Config, p5-Log-Dispatch-DBI,
p5-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate, p5-Log-LogLite, p5-Mac-Macbinary,
p5-Mail-Audit, p5-Mail-ClamAV, p5-Mail-IMAPClient,
p5-Mail-ListDetector, p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser, p5-Mail-Milter,
p5-Mail-Sendmail, p5-Mail-SPF-Query, p5-Mail-SRS, p5-MailTools,
p5-Make, p5-MARC, p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession, p5-Math-Bezier,
p5-Math-BigInteger, p5-Math-FFT, p5-Math-Interpolate,
p5-Math-MatrixReal, p5-Math-Pari, p5-Memoize, p5-Memoize-ExpireLRU,
p5-MIME-Base64, p5-MIME-Lite, p5-MIME-tools, p5-MIME-Types, p5-MLDBM,
p5-MLDBM-Sync, p5-Module-Build, p5-Module-CoreList,
p5-Module-Dependency, p5-Module-ScanDeps, p5-Module-Signature,
p5-Module-Versions-Report, p5-MP3-Info, p5-MP3-Tag, p5-Msgcat,
p5-MusicBrainz-Client, p5-MusicBrainz-Queries, p5-Net, p5-Net-AIM,
p5-Net-AOLIM, p5-Net-Bind, p5-Net-CIDR, p5-Net-CIDR-Lite,
p5-Net-Daemon, p5-Net-DNS, p5-Net-DNS-SEC, p5-Net-DNSServer,
p5-Net-Gnats, p5-Net-Goofey, p5-Net-Google, p5-Net-ICQ2000, p5-Net-IP,
p5-Net-IRC, p5-Net-Jabber, p5-Net-Netmask, p5-Net-Pcap, p5-Net-Server,
p5-Net-SNMP, p5-Net-SSLeay, p5-Net-Telnet, p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco,
p5-Net-TFTP, p5-Net-XWhois, p5-Net-Z3950, p5-NetAddr-IP, p5-NetPacket,
p5-nkf, p5-Number-Latin, p5-Object-Realize-Later, p5-OLE-Storage_Lite,
p5-OOTools, p5-Palm, p5-PAR-Dist, p5-Parallel-Pvm, p5-Params-Validate,
p5-Parse-RecDescent, p5-Parse-Yapp, p5-PatchReader, p5-PDF,
p5-PDF-API2, p5-PDF-Create, p5-perl-headers, p5-perl-ldap,
p5-Perl-Tidy, p5-PerlIO-eol, p5-PerlIO-via-dynamic,
p5-PerlIO-via-symlink, p5-PerlMagick, p5-pilot-link, p5-Pod-Escapes,
p5-Pod-POM, p5-Pod-Simple, p5-POE, p5-postgresql,
p5-PostScript-MailLabels, p5-Proc-Daemon, p5-PV, p5-RADIUS,
p5-razor-agents, p5-Regexp-Common, p5-Regexp-Shellish, p5-Safe-Hole,
p5-Scalar-List-Utils, p5-Schedule-RateLimiter, p5-SDL, p5-Search,
p5-Sendmail-AccessDB, p5-Sendmail-PMilter, p5-Set-IntSpan,
p5-Set-Scalar, p5-SHA, p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler, p5-SNMP_Session,
p5-SOAP-Lite, p5-Socket6, p5-SortVersions, p5-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel,
p5-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel, p5-SQL-Statement, p5-SSLeay, p5-Storable,
p5-String-Approx, p5-String-CRC32, p5-String-ShellQuote,
p5-subversion, p5-SVN-Mirror, p5-SVN-Simple, p5-SVN-Web, p5-SWF-File,
p5-sybperl, p5-Sys-Hostname-Long, p5-Template-Extract,
p5-Template-Generate, p5-Template-Toolkit, p5-Term-ProgressBar,
p5-Term-ReadKey, p5-Term-ReadLine, p5-Test-Builder-Tester,
p5-Test-Cmd, p5-Test-Harness, p5-Test-Inline, p5-Test-Pod,
p5-Test-Simple, p5-Test-Unit, p5-Text-Autoformat, p5-Text-Balanced,
p5-Text-BibTeX, p5-Text-ChaSen, p5-Text-CSV-Hash, p5-Text-CSV_XS,
p5-Text-DelimMatch, p5-Text-Diff, p5-Text-Format, p5-Text-Iconv,
p5-Text-Kakasi, p5-Text-Quoted, p5-Text-Reform, p5-Text-Substitute,
p5-Text-Tabs+Wrap, p5-Text-Template, p5-Text-WikiFormat,
p5-Text-Wrapper, p5-Tie-EncryptedHash, p5-Tie-IxHash, p5-Time,
p5-Time-HiRes, p5-Time-Period, p5-Time-Piece, p5-TimeDate, p5-Tk,
p5-Tree-Simple, p5-Unicode-IMAPUtf7, p5-Unicode-Map8,
p5-Unicode-String, p5-UNIVERSAL-moniker, p5-Unix-Syslog, p5-URI,
p5-User-Identity, p5-VRML, p5-Wais, p5-Want, p5-WeakRef,
p5-WWW-Amazon-Wishlist, p5-WWW-Mechanize, p5-X11-Protocol,
p5-XML-Checker, p5-XML-DOM, p5-XML-Encoding, p5-XML-Filter-BufferText,
p5-XML-Filter-DetectWS, p5-XML-Filter-Reindent, p5-XML-Filter-SAXT,
p5-XML-Grove, p5-XML-LibXML, p5-XML-LibXML-Common,
p5-XML-LibXML-Iterator, p5-XML-LibXML-XPathContext, p5-XML-LibXSLT,
p5-XML-NamespaceSupport, p5-XML-Node, p5-XML-NodeFilter,
p5-XML-Parser, p5-XML-RAI, p5-XML-RegExp, p5-XML-RSS,
p5-XML-RSS-Parser, p5-XML-Sablotron, p5-XML-SAX, p5-XML-SAX-Expat,
p5-XML-Simple, p5-XML-Stream, p5-XML-Twig, p5-XML-UM, p5-XML-Writer,
p5-XML-Writer-String, p5-XML-Xerces, p5-XML-XPath, p5-XML-XQL,
p5-XML-XSLT, p5-XML-XUpdate-LibXML, p5-XML-YAWriter, p5-xmltv,
p5-YAML, p7zip, pango, perl58, pflkm, php4, php5, phpmyadmin,
phppgadmin, pkgconfig, pkg_comp, pkg_install, png, polsms, proxsmtp,
pvs, py-gnome2, py-gtk2, py-InlineEgg, py-OpenSSL, py-ORBit,
py-postgresql, python-mode, qmail, qmail-qfilter, qmail-run, racoon,
rconfig, roller, rss2html, ruby-eruby, ruby-quota, ruby-rexml, ruby18,
samba, scilab, simh, skype, spamass-milter, speedtouch, spegla, squid,
stunnel, swiftsurf, sylpheed-gtk2, tcl, tcpflow, thunderbird,
thunderbird-gtk2, tiff, tileworld, timidity, tin, tla, un-core-ttf,
un-extra-ttf, unison, unison-devel, vera-ttf, vmware-module3, wesnoth,
xbindkeys-tk, xchm, xeukleides, xine-lib, xmame, xmess, xmms-arts,
xmms-musepack, xpat2, xpdf, xterm, xzgv, yatsvrs, yelp, zenity, and

The Package of the Month award goes to:  pkgsrc/graphics/graphviz,
nominated by many people including Andrew Brown, Dan McMahill, and,
ever one to jump on bandwagons, myself.  I use it in conjunction with
gpg2dot to work out who has signed my gpg key, Andrew as part of
pkgdepgraph, and Dan with some fairly nasty graphs he needed to
visualise - "to figure them out by hand would have taken forever. 
graphviz made it take 15 minutes."

Alistair Crooks
Tue Jan  4 00:22:15 GMT 2005

Packages Added to the Packages Collection

	Added anthy-5900 [taya 2004-12-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Kana Kanji conversion system

	Added anthy-elisp-5900 [taya 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Emacs lisp files for inputmethod/anthy

	Added ap-rivet- [minskim 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: System for creating dynamic web content via Tcl

	Added ap2-chroot-0.3 [ben 2004-12-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Module to easily run Apache in a chroot environment

	Added bglibs-1.019 [schmonz 2004-12-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Collection of libraries by Bruce Guenter

	Added bmp-musepack-1.1 [wiz 2004-12-04]
Package URL:
Comment: BMP plugin for Musepack (mpc) files

	Added easymenu-0.7.2 [kristerw 2004-12-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Software used to generate menu systems

	Added ec-fonts-mftraced-1.0.8 [dmcmahill 2004-12-30]
Package URL:
Comment: EC PostScript Type1 fonts with TFMs for TeX

	Added edcommon-32 [rh 2004-12-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Foundation and AppKit extensions

	Added elscreen-1.3.2 [uebayasi 2004-12-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Window manager within Emacs

	Added epeg-0.9.0 [xtraeme 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Fast JPEG scaling library for thumbnail generation

	Added exult-1.2 [wiz 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source Ultima 7 engine

	Added figlet-fonts-20021023 [wiz 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Additional fonts for figlet

	Added firefox-gtk2-bin-acroread-1.0 [xtraeme 2004-12-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Acrobat Reader 5 plugin for firefox-gtk2-bin

	Added flac2mp3-20041223 [agc 2004-12-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Script to convert flac to mp3

	Added freepats-20040611 [ben 2004-12-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Free patches (audio samples) for TiMidity

	Added getopt-1.1.3 [wiz 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters

	Added gimp-docs-2.0.6 [wulf 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software

	Added glade2-gnome-2.6.5 [jmmv 2004-12-29]
Package URL:
Comment: User interface builder for the GTK2+ toolkit and GNOME2

	Added gnumeric-1.4.1 [drochner 2004-12-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Spreadsheet program from the GNOME project

	Added gob2-2.0.11 [dillo 2004-12-02]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME object builder for glib2

	Added gtk2-chtheme-0.3.1 [minskim 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK+2 theme changer with preview

	Added guile-lib-0.1.2 [wiz 2004-12-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Library functions for Guile, implemented in Scheme

	Added kde3-i18n-af-3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Language bindings for the KDE desktop

	Added kde3-i18n-gl-3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Language bindings for the KDE desktop

	Added lablgtk2-2.4.0 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK+ 2.x bindings for Objective Caml

	Added labltk-3.06 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Tk bindings for ocaml

	Added libmusepack-1.0.3 [wiz 2004-12-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Portable Musepack decoder library

	Added mailgraph-1.10 [kim 2004-12-31]
Package URL:
Comment: RRDtool frontend for mail statistics

	Added mdd-20041224 [manu 2004-12-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Multicast file distribution tool

	Added mixminion- [wiz 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Mixminion impedes message traffic analysis

	Added mldonkey-gui-2.5.21 [jmmv 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more (GTK interface)

	Added msnre-0.91 [minskim 2004-12-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone

	Added netgroup-0.0 [christos 2004-12-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Netgroup membership listing and testing functions

	Added ocaml-graphics-3.06 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
Package URL:
Comment: The latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML (graphics library)

	Added p5-Business-ISBN-Data-1.08 [he 2004-12-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Data for the p5-Business-ISBN package

	Added p5-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.05 [he 2004-12-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract

	Added p5-File-Tail-0.99.1 [kim 2004-12-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 module for reading from continuously updated files

	Added p5-IO-All-0.33 [jlam 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Spiffy OO interface to Perl IO

	Added p5-IO-Multiplex-1.08 [kim 2004-12-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl module to manage IO on many file handles

	Added p5-Kwiki-0.36 [jlam 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Extensible, modular, Perl-based Wiki

	Added p5-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs-0.13 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki page archive using RCS

	Added p5-Kwiki-BreadCrumbs-0.11 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki breadcrumbs plugin

	Added p5-Kwiki-Favorites-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to bookmark favorite pages

	Added p5-Kwiki-HtmlBlocks-0.11 [jlam 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to display blocks of HTML markup

	Added p5-Kwiki-Icons-Gnome-0.14 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki GNOME icons plugin

	Added p5-Kwiki-NewPage-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to create a new Wiki page

	Added p5-Kwiki-ParagraphBlocks-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to display paragraphs with embedded whitespace

	Added p5-Kwiki-PreformattedBlocks-0.11 [jlam 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to display preformatted text

	Added p5-Kwiki-RecentChanges-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki plugin to display recent changes

	Added p5-Kwiki-Revisions-0.13 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki revisions plugin

	Added p5-Kwiki-Scode-0.02 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki Scode plugin to protect against wiki spammers

	Added p5-Kwiki-Search-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki search plugin

	Added p5-Kwiki-UserName-0.13 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki user name plugin

	Added p5-Kwiki-UserPreferences-0.12 [jlam 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Kwiki user preferences plugin

	Added p5-Math-Random-0.67 [wiz 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Random number generators

	Added p5-Spiffy-0.21 [jlam 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Object-oriented Perl framework

	Added p5-Spoon-0.21 [jlam 2004-12-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Spiffy Application Building Framework

	Added p5-SQL-Abstract-1.17 [he 2004-12-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Generate SQL from Perl data structures

	Added pdbar-0.5.1 [minskim 2004-12-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Palm database archiver

	Added pfqueue-0.1.4 [xtraeme 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Real-time queue scanner for postfix

	Added pkg_notify-0.3 [xtraeme 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Notifies package maintainer when a new version is available

	Added postgrey-1.17 [kim 2004-12-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Postfix Greylist Policy Server

	Added proxsmtp-0.6 [jlam 2004-12-01]
Package URL:
Comment: SMTP proxy content filter

	Added py-basicproperty-0.6.3a [darcy 2004-12-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Python RDBMS wrapper for various databases

	Added py-Pyro-3.4 [darcy 2004-12-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Distributed Object Technology system in Python

	Added py-table-0.8.3a [darcy 2004-12-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Python RDBMS wrapper for various databases

	Added py-urwid-0.8.4 [minskim 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Curses-based Python user interface library

	Added py24-html-docs-2.4 [minskim 2004-12-29]
Package URL:
Comment: HTML Documentation for Python

	Added python24-2.4 [recht 2004-12-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

	Added python24-pth-2.4 [recht 2004-12-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

	Added qbrew-0.3.4 [wulf 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Homebrewer's recipe calculator

	Added radmind-1.3.2 [wiz 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Remote file administration and integrity tool

	Added ruby-DBD-sqlite-0.0.21 [taya 2004-12-04]
Package URL:
Comment: DBD/SQLite for ruby

	Added sformat-3.5 [hubertf 2004-12-02]
Package URL:
Comment: SCSI-disk maintainance, formating, and ultimative repair tool with support for netbsd labels

	Added simulavr- [kristerw 2004-12-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Simulator for Atmel AVR microcontrollers

	Added theme-dirs-1.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Shared theme directories

	Added uim-0.4.5 [wiz 2004-12-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Uim is a multilingual input method library

	Added unalz-0.20 [minskim 2004-12-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source ALZ extractor

	Added xenvstat-20041127 [xtraeme 2004-12-27]
Package URL:
Comment: X11-based display environmental sensor readings

	Added xmlto-0.0.18 [wiz 2004-12-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool to help transform XML documents into other formats

Updates to Packages in the Packages Collection

	Update acroread5 to 5.10 [jdolecek 2004-12-18]
	Updated 3ddesktop to 0.2.5nb6 [snj 2004-12-22]
	Updated a2ps to [wiz 2004-12-20]
	Updated a2ps to [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated advi to 1.4.0nb5 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated aide to 0.10 [wiz 2004-12-01]
	Updated aiksaurus to 1.2.1 [recht 2004-12-29]
	Updated alee-ttf to 2.7nb1 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated analog to 6.0 [tron 2004-12-19]
	Updated anomy-sanitizer to 1.69 [kim 2004-12-29]
	Updated anthy to 5900nb1 [taya 2004-12-28]
	Updated apache to 2.0.52nb5 [adrianp 2004-12-18]
	Updated arcem to 1.00 [skrll 2004-12-03]
	Updated arphic-ttf to 2.11nb3 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated arts to 1.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated asc to [wiz 2004-12-02]
	Updated aspell to 0.60.2 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-catalan to 20040130.1 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-czech to 20040614.1 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-danish to [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-english to 6.0.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-faroese to [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-gaeilge to 3.5.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-german to 20030222.1 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-italian to 0.53.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-norwegian to [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-polish to 0.51.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-russian to 0.99f7.1 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-svenska to 0.51.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated aspell-ukrainian to 0.51.0 [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Updated at-spi to 1.6.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated atk to 1.9.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated autoconf to 2.59nb1 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated autoconf213 to 2.13nb1 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated avr-libc to 1.0.4 [kristerw 2004-12-30]
	Updated awstats to 6.2 [minskim 2004-12-29]
	Updated baekmuk-ttf to 2.2nb1 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated beecrypt to 4.1.1 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated bibparse to 1.06 [seb 2004-12-23]
	Updated BitTornado-gui to 0.3.8nb1 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated bittorrent-gui to 3.4.2nb2 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated bkpupsd to 2.1.2nb3 [taca 2004-12-31]
	Updated bmp to 0.9.7 [jmmv 2004-12-25]
	Updated bmp-esound to 0.9.7 [jmmv 2004-12-25]
	Updated boaconstructor to 0.2.3nb2 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated camlimages to 2.11nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated capc-calc to [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated cbrowser to 0.6nb1 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated centericq to 4.13.0 [hubertf 2004-12-20]
	Updated cgoban-java to 2.6.8 [salo 2004-12-17]
	Updated clamsmtp to 1.2 [xtraeme 2004-12-20]
	Updated coq to 7.4nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.79 [abs 2004-12-22]
	Updated cscope to 15.4nb4 [wiz 2004-12-17]
	Updated cue to 20041025nb1 [cube 2004-12-05]
	Updated cvsgraph to 1.5.1 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated cyberbase-ttf to 2.0nb4 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated cyberbit-ttf to 2.0nb4 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated db4 to 4.3.21 [jlam 2004-12-27]
	Updated db4 to 4.3.21nb1 [minskim 2004-12-30]
	Updated dbz-ttf to 20020507nb3 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated desktop-file-utils to 0.9 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated dgpsip to 1.35 [wiz 2004-12-05]
	Updated dhisd to 5.1 [hubertf 2004-12-21]
	Updated djbdns-run to 20041229 [schmonz 2004-12-29]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.67.0nb1 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated doclifter to 2.0 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated dovecot to [xtraeme 2004-12-20]
	Updated drivel to 1.2.3 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated dvd+rw-tools to [jmmv 2004-12-30]
	Updated eawpatches to 12nb1 [ben 2004-12-03]
	Updated ed2k-gtk-gui to 0.6.3nb1 [minskim 2004-12-18]
	Updated eggdrop to 1.6.17 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated electric to 7.00 [dmcmahill 2004-12-01]
	Updated eog2 to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated epiphany-extensions to 1.4.3 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated epydoc to 2.1nb1 [minskim 2004-12-13]
	Updated etherape to 0.9.1nb1 [christos 2004-12-20]
	Updated ethereal to 0.10.8 [salo 2004-12-17]
	Updated eukleides to 1.0.1 [kristerw 2004-12-31]
	Updated evolution to 2.0.3 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated evolution-data-server to 1.0.3 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated exim to 4.43nb2 [grant 2004-12-16]
	Updated exim-exiscan to 4.43_28nb2 [grant 2004-12-16]
	Updated ExmanIDE to 0.9.4nb1 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated ezmlm to 0.53nb1 [schmonz 2004-12-21]
	Updated ezmlm-idx to 0.43 [schmonz 2004-12-21]
	Updated ezmlm-idx to 0.431 [schmonz 2004-12-29]
	Updated festival to 1.95beta [agc 2004-12-21]
	Updated firefox to 1.0nb2 [taya 2004-12-03]
	Updated firefox-bin-flash to 7.0r25 [xtraeme 2004-12-20]
	Updated firefox-gtk2 to 1.0nb2 [taya 2004-12-03]
	Updated flyspell to 1.7fnb1 [minskim 2004-12-16]
	Updated freeradius to 1.0.1nb5 [adrianp 2002-12-21]
	Updated frozen-bubble to 1.0.0nb5 [wiz 2004-12-01]
	Updated g-wrap to 1.9.3 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated g-wrap1 to 1.3.4nb6 [wiz 2004-12-04]
	Updated gail to 1.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gaim to 1.1.0 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated gal2 to 2.2.4 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gconf-editor to 2.8.2nb1 [minskim 2004-12-11]
	Updated gconf-editor to 2.8.2nb2 [minskim 2004-12-12]
	Updated gdm to [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gedit to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated geg to 1.0.2 [wiz 2004-12-01]
	Updated geoslab703-ttf to 20010522nb3 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated getmail to 4.2.4 [schmonz 2004-12-06]
	Updated getmail to 4.2.5 [schmonz 2004-12-20]
	Updated ggv2 to 2.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gice to 0.6.2 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated glade2 to 2.6.5nb1 [jmmv 2004-12-29]
	Updated glib2 to 2.4.8 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated glib2 to 2.6.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated gmplayer to 1.0rc5pl2 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated gnome to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-base to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-common to 2.8.0 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-devel to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-extras to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-mag to 0.11.11 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-panel to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome-themes to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated gnome-themes-extras to 0.8.0 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome2-applets to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome2-games to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated gnome2-system-monitor to 2.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome2-terminal to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnome2-utils to 2.8.1nb1 [minskim 2004-12-09]
	Updated gnopernicus to 0.9.18 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gnucash to 1.8.10 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated gnucash to 1.8.9nb5 [wiz 2004-12-04]
	Updated gnugk to 2.2.0 [adam 2004-12-02]
	Updated gnupg to 1.4.0 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated gnupg-devel to 1.9.13 [shannonjr 2004-12-03]
	Updated gnupg-devel to 1.9.14 [shannonjr 2004-12-23]
	Updated gok to 0.11.16 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gossip to 0.8 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gpdf to 2.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated graphviz to 2.0 [seb 2004-12-24]
	Updated groff to 1.19.1nb2 [wiz 2004-12-17]
	Updated gsasl to 0.2.3 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated gss to 0.0.15 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated gst-plugins to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-artsd to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-cdparanoia to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-dvdnav to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-dvdread to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-esound to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-faad to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-flac to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-gnomevfs to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-lame to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-mad to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-mpeg2dec to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-ogg to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-oss to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-png to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-theora to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gst-plugins-vorbis to 0.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gtk-gnutella to 0.95 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated gtk2 to 2.4.14 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated gtk2 to 2.6.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated gtk2-engines to 2.6.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated gtk2-extras to 2.6.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated gtkhtml3 to 3.2.4 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated gtkmm24 to 2.4.8 [adam 2004-12-02]
	Updated gtksee to 0.5.6 [wiz 2004-12-27]
	Updated gtkspell to 2.0.8 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated guile to 1.6.6 [wiz 2004-12-01]
	Updated guile to 1.6.7 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated guile-gtk to 0.40.91 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated guile-pg to 0.23 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated guppi to 0.40.3nb13 [wiz 2004-12-04]
	Updated guspatches to 1.0nb2 [ben 2004-12-03]
	Updated gv to 3.6.0 [xtraeme 2004-12-01]
	Updated gv to 3.6.1 [snj 2004-12-30]
	Updated hatari to 0.60 [xtraeme 2004-12-21]
	Updated hmmer to 2.3.2 [minskim 2004-12-01]
	Updated hnb to 1.9.17 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated html to 4.01 [uebayasi 2004-12-25]
	Updated hugo to 3.1.01 [dillo 2004-12-02]
	Updated icewmconf to 2.1.0nb1 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated ImageMagick to [adam 2004-12-05]
	Updated imlib to 1.9.15 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated intltool to 0.32.1 [jmmv 2004-12-25]
	Updated iperf to 2.0.1 [adam 2004-12-03]
	Updated irrd to 2.2.3 [kim 2004-12-31]
	Updated ispell-base to 3.2.06 [markd 2004-12-01]
	Updated ispell-british to 3.2.06 [markd 2004-12-01]
	Updated ispell-romanian to 20031216 [markd 2004-12-07]
	Updated ja-less to 358nb1 [grant 2004-12-19]
	Updated jigdo to 0.7.1 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated jwhois to 3.2.2nb10 [kleink 2004-12-16]
	Updated kde3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ar to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bg to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bn to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bs to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ca to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-cs to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-cy to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-da to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-de to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-el to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-en_GB to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eo to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-es to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-et to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eu to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fa to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fi to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fr to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-he to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hi to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hr to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hsb to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hu to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-is to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-it to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ja to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-mn to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ms to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nb to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nds to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nl to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nn to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pa to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pl to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt_BR to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ro to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ru to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sk to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sl to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sr to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sr_Latn to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sv to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ta to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-tg to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-tr to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-uk to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-uz to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_CN to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_TW to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeaccessibility3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeaddons3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeadmin3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeartwork3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdebase3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeedu3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdegames3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdegraphics3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdelibdocs3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdelibs3 to 3.3.2nb1 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdemultimedia3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdenetwork3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdepim3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdesdk3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdetoys3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdeutils3 to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdevelop to 3.1.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdevelop-base to 3.1.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kdewebdev to 3.3.2 [markd 2004-12-10]
	Updated kmysqladmin to 0.7.0 [markd 2004-12-27]
	Updated knights to 0.6 [markd 2004-12-27]
	Updated kochi-ttf to 20030809nb4 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated lablgtk to 1.2.6nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated lablgtk2 to 2.4.0nb1 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated leafpad to 0.7.7 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated leafpad to 0.7.8 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated lftp to 3.0.13 [salo 2004-12-21]
	Updated libassuan to 0.6.9 [shannonjr 2004-12-23]
	Updated libdnet to 1.8 [peter 2004-12-04]
	Updated libevent to 1.0 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated libglade2 to 2.4.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated libgnomecups to 0.1.13 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated libgnomeprint to 2.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated libgnomeprintui to 2.8.1 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated libgsf to 1.11.1 [drochner 2004-12-22]
	Updated libgtop2 to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated libidn to 0.5.12 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated libksba to 0.9.10 [shannonjr 2004-12-03]
	Updated libtasn1 to 0.2.11 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated libtool to 1.5.10nb8 [grant 2004-12-18]
	Updated libtool-base to 1.5.10nb9 [grant 2004-12-21]
	Updated liferea to 0.6.4 [minskim 2004-12-02]
	Updated lilypond to 2.4.3 [dmcmahill 2004-12-30]
	Updated lyx-qt to 1.3.5 [martti 2004-12-21]
	Updated lyx-xforms to 1.3.5 [martti 2004-12-21]
	Updated mail-notification to 1.0 [jmmv 2004-12-05]
	Updated mantis to 0.19.1nb1 [adrianp 2004-12-28]
	Updated mathomatic to 11.5c [minskim 2004-12-01]
	Updated mathomatic to 11.6 [minskim 2004-12-26]
	Updated mencoder to 1.0rc5pl2 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated metacity to 2.8.8 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated mftrace to 1.1.1 [wiz 2004-12-31]
	Updated milter-greylist to 1.6 [tron 2004-12-12]
	Updated mimedefang to 2.49 [markd 2004-12-01]
	Updated mips64emul to 0.2.3 [xtraeme 2004-12-20]
	Updated mit-krb5 to 1.3.6 [jlam 2004-12-23]
	Updated mkvtoolnix to 1.0.1 [salo 2004-12-15]
	Updated mldonkey to 2.5.21nb2 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated mldonkey to 2.5.21nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-25]
	Updated mmg to 1.0.1 [salo 2004-12-15]
	Updated mozilla to 1.7.5 [taya 2004-12-25]
	Updated mozilla-bin to 1.7.5 [tron 2004-12-21]
	Updated mozilla-gtk2 to 1.7.5 [taya 2004-12-25]
	Updated mozilla-stable to 1.7.3 [taya 2004-12-04]
	Updated mozilla-stable to 1.7.5 [taya 2004-12-25]
	Updated mplayer to 1.0rc5pl2 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated mplayer-share to 1.0rc5pl2 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated mrtg to 2.10.15nb2 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated ms-ttf to 20020306nb4 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated mtr to 0.67 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated mtr-gtk to 0.67 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated mummer to 3.15 [cube 2004-12-05]
	Updated mysql-client to 4.0.22nb4 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated nabi to 0.15 [minskim 2004-12-04]
	Updated namazu to 2.0.14 [taca 2004-12-15]
	Updated napshare to 1.3 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated nautilus to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated nautilus-cd-burner to 2.8.6 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated netpbm to 10.18.17 [adam 2004-12-02]
	Updated netperf to 2.3.1 for 2.3pl1 [itojun 2004-12-02]
	Updated ng-spice to 15 [dmcmahill 2004-12-01]
	Updated ng-spice to 15c [dmcmahill 2004-12-02]
	Updated normalize to 0.7.6nb5 [wiz 2004-12-27]
	Updated nosefart to 2.3 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated nut to 10.13 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated nut to 10.14 [wiz 2004-12-30]
	Updated ocaml to 3.06nb8 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated octave-current to 2.1.64 [adam 2004-12-05]
	Updated octave-forge to 20041116 [adam 2004-12-05]
	Updated oinkmaster to 1.1 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated openal to 20040816 [adam 2004-12-01]
	Updated opencm to 0.1.2rc8 [jmmv 2004-12-04]
	Updated openh323 to 1.15.2 [adam 2004-12-01]
	Updated openldap to 2.2.19 [jlam 2004-12-22]
	Updated openmotif to 2.1.30nb3 [tron 2004-12-18]
	Updated openssl to 0.9.6mnb2 [wiz 2004-12-17]
	Updated openssl to 0.9.7e [jlam 2004-12-24]
	Updated openvpn-current to 2.0rc1 [jlam 2004-12-31]
	Updated opera7 to 7.54pl1 [tron 2004-12-29]
	Updated osh to 041028 [wiz 2004-12-27]
	Updated overnet to 1.0.1 [minskim 2004-12-19]
	Updated overnet to 1.0.1nb1 [minskim 2004-12-21]
	Updated p5-AddressBook to 0.16nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Algorithm-Annotate to 0.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Algorithm-Diff to 1.19.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Algorithm-Merge to 0.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-ASP to 2.21nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-AuthCookie to 3.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-AuthCookieDBI to 1.19nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-DBI to 0.94nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-DBILogConfig to 0.02 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Apache-DBILogConfig to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-DBILogger to 0.93nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-ePerl to 2.2.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Filter to 1.022nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Gallery to 0.7nb9 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Reload to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Session to 1.60nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper to 0.17nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-SSI to 2.16nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Apache-Test to 1.16nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-AppConfig to 1.56nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Archive-Tar to 1.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Archive-Zip to 1.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Array-PrintCols to 2.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-AtExit to 2.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Attribute-Handlers to 0.78nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Audio-CD to 0.05nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Audio-Wav to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Authen-SASL to 2.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus to 0.07nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-BerkeleyDB to 0.26nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Bit-Vector to 6.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-BSD-Resource to 1.24nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Business-CreditCard to 0.27nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Business-ISBN to 1.78 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Business-ISBN to 1.78nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Business-ISBN-Data to 1.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Business-UPS to 1.13nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Cache-Cache to 1.03 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Cache-Cache to 1.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry to 0.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Carp-Assert to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CDDB to 1.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CDDB_get to 2.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI to 3.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-Application to 3.31 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-CGI-Application to 3.31nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-FastTemplate to 1.09nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-FormBuilder to 2.13 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-CGI-FormBuilder to 2.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-Kwiki to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-Minimal to 1.16 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-CGI-Minimal to 1.16nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI-Session to 3.95nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-CGI_Lite to 2.001nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Chart to 2.3nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Chart-ThreeD to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-chkjis to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Accessor to 0.19nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Container to 0.11 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Class-Container to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Data-Inheritable to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-DBI to 0.96nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Factory to 1.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Fields to 0.201nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Inner to 0.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Loader to 2.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-MethodMaker to 1.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-ObjectTemplate to 0.7 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Class-ObjectTemplate to 0.7nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-ReturnValue to 0.52 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Class-ReturnValue to 0.52nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-Trigger to 0.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-WhiteHole to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Class-XPath to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Clone to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Compress-Bzip2 to 1.02 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Compress-Bzip2 to 1.02nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Compress-Zlib to 1.33nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Config-General to 2.27nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Config-IniFiles to 2.38 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Config-IniFiles to 2.38nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ControlX10-CM11 to 2.09nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ControlX10-CM17 to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-ASN1 to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-BER to 1.31nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-BinHex to 1.119nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-PEM to 0.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-TNEF to 0.17nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Convert-UUlib to 1.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-Blowfish to 2.09nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-CAST5_PP to 1.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-CBC to 2.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-CipherSaber to 0.60nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-DES to 2.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-DES_EDE3 to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-DSA to 0.12nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-IDEA to 1.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-OpenPGP to 1.03nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum to 0.03nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA to 0.11nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random to 0.03nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA to 0.21nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-Primes to 0.50nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-Random to 1.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-RandPasswd to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-Rijndael to 0.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-RIPEMD160 to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-RSA to 1.50nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Crypt-Twofish to 2.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Curses to 1.05nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Cz-Cstools to 3.42nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-Buffer to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-FormValidator to 3.63 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Data-FormValidator to 3.63nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-Hierarchy to 0.21nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-ShowTable to 3.3nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-TemporaryBag to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Data-UUID to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Date-Business to 1.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Date-Calc to 5.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Date-Manip to 5.42anb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-CSV to 0.2002nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-Google to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-mysql to 2.9004nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-Oracle to 1.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-postgresql to 1.22nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-SQLite to 0.25nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-Sybase to 0.94nb5 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBD-XBase to 0.241nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBI to 1.46 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-DBI to 1.46nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBI-Shell to 11.93 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-DBI-Shell to 11.93nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBIWrapper to 0.20nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBIx-ContextualFetch to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBIx-Datasource to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder to 1.15 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder to 1.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DB_File to 1.806nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Devel-Profile to 1.04 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Devel-Profile to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Devel-SmallProf to 0.9nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Devel-StackTrace to 1.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Devel-Symdump to 2.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Device-Gsm to 1.33nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Device-Modem to 1.36nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Device-SerialPort to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest to 1.10 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Digest to 1.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-BubbleBabble to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-Hashcash to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-HMAC to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD2 to 2.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD4 to 1.5 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD4 to 1.5nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-MD5 to 2.33nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-Nilsimsa to 0.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-SHA to 5.28 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Digest-SHA to 5.28nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Digest-SHA1 to 2.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-DNS-ZoneParse to 0.95 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-DNS-ZoneParse to 0.95nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Email-Valid to 0.15 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Email-Valid to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Error to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Event to 0.83nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Exception-Class to 1.19 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-Exception-Class to 1.19nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Expect to 1.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-Depends to 0.202nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-Depends to 0.204 [xtraeme 2004-12-27]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-F77 to 1.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-PkgConfig to 1.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-PkgConfig to 1.06 [xtraeme 2004-12-27]
	Updated p5-ExtUtils-XSBuilder to 0.25nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-FCGI to 0.67nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-BaseDir to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-DirSync to 1.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-FlockDir to 1.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-MimeInfo to 0.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-MMagic to 1.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-PathConvert to 0.9nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-Spec to 0.90 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-File-Spec to 0.90nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-Temp to 0.14 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-File-Temp to 0.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-File-Type to 0.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-FileHandle-Unget to 0.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-FileKGlob to 1.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Filter to 1.16nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Filter to 1.30 [jlam 2004-12-24]
	Updated p5-finance-quote to 1.08nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Font-AFM to 1.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Font-TTF to 0.34nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-FreezeThaw to 0.43nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GD to 2.1 [jlam 2004-12-26]
	Updated p5-GD to 2.16nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-gdbm to 1.05nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GDGraph to 1.43nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GDGraph3d to 0.56nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Gdk-Pixbuf to 0.7009nb7 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GDTextUtil to 0.86nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Geo-IP to 1.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Geography-Countries to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Getopt-Simple to 1.48nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-gettext to 1.01nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GIFgraph to 1.20nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-glib2 to 1.040nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Graph to 0.201nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-GraphViz to 1.8nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-gtk to 0.7009nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-gtk2 to 1.042nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Heap to 0.50nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Clean to 0.8nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-FillInForm to 1.04 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-FillInForm to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-FixEntities to 1.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Format to 2.04 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-Format to 2.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-LinkExtractor to 0.121nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Mason to 1.28 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-Mason to 1.28nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.42 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.42nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter to 0.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Scrubber to 0.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-SimpleParse to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-StickyQuery to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Table to 2.02 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-Table to 2.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-TableExtract to 1.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Tagset to 3.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Template to 2.7 [he 2004-12-05]
	Updated p5-HTML-Template to 2.7nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTML-Tree to 3.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTMLObject to 2.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTTP-DAV to 0.31nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTTP-Request-Form to 0.7nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-HTTPD-User-Manage to 1.58nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-I18N-LangTags to 0.30nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Ima-DBI to 0.33nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Image-Imlib2 to 1.03nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Image-Info to 1.16nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Image-Size to 2.992nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IMAP-Admin to 1.6.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-INET6 to 2.00nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-INET6 to 2.01 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated p5-Inline to 0.44nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Digest to 0.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Interface to 0.98nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-LockedFile to 0.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Null to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Socket-Multicast to 0.25nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Socket-SSL to 0.95nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-String to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-stringy to 2.109nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Stty to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Tee to 0.64nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Tty to 1.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Util to 1.26nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IO-Zlib to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IPC-Run to 0.74nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IPC-Shareable to 0.60nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IPC-SharedCache to 1.3nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-IPC-ShareLite to 0.09nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-ispman to 0.5nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Jcode to 0.88 [taca 2004-12-04]
	Updated p5-Jcode to 0.88nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-jcode to 2.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Lchown to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-LDAP to 1.2.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-libapreq to 1.2nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-libapreq2 to 2.4.3 [adrianp 2004-12-13]
	Updated p5-libapreq2 to 2.4.3nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-libwww to 5.76nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-libxml to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect to 1.88nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Locale-Codes to 1.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Locale-Maketext to 1.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon to 0.42nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-Agent to 0.303nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-Dispatch to 2.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-Dispatch-Config to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-Dispatch-DBI to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate to 1.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Log-LogLite to 0.82nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mac-Macbinary to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-Audit to 2.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-ClamAV to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-IMAPClient to 2.2.9nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-ListDetector to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser to 1.20nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-Milter to 0.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-Sendmail to 0.78nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-SPF-Query to 1.996nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Mail-SRS to 0.31nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MailTools to 1.62nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Make to 1.00nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MARC to 1.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession to 0.30nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-Bezier to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-BigInteger to 1.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-FFT to 0.25nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-Interpolate to 1.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-MatrixReal to 1.3a5nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Math-Pari to 2.010501nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Memoize to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Memoize-ExpireLRU to 0.55nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 3.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MIME-Lite to 2.111nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MIME-tools to 5.415nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MIME-Types to 1.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MIME-Types to 1.13 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated p5-MLDBM to 2.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MLDBM-Sync to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-Build to 0.21nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-CoreList to 1.97nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-Dependency to 1.8nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-ScanDeps to 0.50nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-Signature to 0.41nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Module-Versions-Report to 1.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MP3-Info to 1.01nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MP3-Tag to 0.40nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Msgcat to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MusicBrainz-Client to 0.08nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-MusicBrainz-Queries to 0.07nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net to 1.19nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-AIM to 1.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-AOLIM to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Bind to 0.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-CIDR to 0.09nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-CIDR-Lite to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Daemon to 0.36nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-DNS to 0.47nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-DNS-SEC to 0.11nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-DNSServer to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Gnats to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Goofey to 1.5nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Google to 0.61nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-ICQ2000 to 0.2.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-IP to 1.20nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-IRC to 0.75nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Jabber to 1.26nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Netmask to 1.9011nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Pcap to 0.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Server to 0.87nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-SNMP to 4.1.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-SSLeay to 1.25nb4 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Telnet to 3.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco to 1.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-TFTP to 0.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-XWhois to 0.90nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Net-Z3950 to 0.32nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-NetAddr-IP to 3.21nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-NetPacket to 0.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-nkf to 2.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Number-Latin to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Object-Realize-Later to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-OLE-Storage_Lite to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-OOTools to 1.75nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Palm to 1.3.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PAR-Dist to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Parallel-Pvm to 1.3.0nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Params-Validate to 0.72nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Parse-RecDescent to 1.94nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Parse-Yapp to 1.05nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PatchReader to 0.9.5nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PDF to 1.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PDF-API2 to [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PDF-Create to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-perl-headers to 2.99.10nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-perl-ldap to 0.30nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Perl-Tidy to 20021130nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PerlIO-eol to 0.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PerlIO-via-dynamic to 0.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PerlIO-via-symlink to 0.02nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PerlMagick to [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-pilot-link to 0.11.7nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Pod-Escapes to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Pod-POM to 0.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Pod-Simple to 3.02nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-POE to 0.29nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-postgresql to 1.9.0nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PostScript-MailLabels to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Proc-Daemon to 0.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-PV to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-RADIUS to 1.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-razor-agents to 2.40nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Regexp-Common to 2.117 [wiz 2004-12-09]
	Updated p5-Regexp-Common to 2.117nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Regexp-Shellish to 0.93nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Safe-Hole to 0.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Scalar-List-Utils to 1.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Scalar-List-Utils to 1.14 [jlam 2004-12-25]
	Updated p5-Schedule-RateLimiter to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SDL to 1.19.2nb11 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Search to 0.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Sendmail-AccessDB to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Sendmail-PMilter to 0.95nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Set-IntSpan to 1.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Set-Scalar to 1.17nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SHA to 1.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler to 0.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SNMP_Session to 0.83nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SOAP-Lite to 0.60anb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Socket6 to 0.17nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SortVersions to 1.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel to 0.2602nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel to 0.41nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SQL-Statement to 1.005nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SSLeay to 0.51nb4 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Storable to 2.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-String-Approx to 3.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-String-CRC32 to 1.2nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-String-ShellQuote to 1.00nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-subversion to 1.1.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SVN-Mirror to 0.50nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SVN-Simple to 0.26nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SVN-Web to 0.35nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-SWF-File to 0.22nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-sybperl to 2.16nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Sys-Hostname-Long to 1.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Template-Extract to 0.25nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Template-Generate to 0.04nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Template-Toolkit to 2.14nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Term-ProgressBar to r1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Term-ReadKey to 2.21nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Term-ReadLine to 1.14nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Builder-Tester to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Cmd to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Harness to 2.40nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Inline to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Pod to 1.20nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Simple to 0.47nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Test-Unit to 0.24nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Autoformat to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Balanced to 1.94nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-BibTeX to 0.33nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-ChaSen to 1.03nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-CSV-Hash to 0.18nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-CSV_XS to 0.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-DelimMatch to 1.06anb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Diff to 0.35nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Format to 0.52nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Iconv to 1.4nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Kakasi to 1.04nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Quoted to 1.8 [wiz 2004-12-09]
	Updated p5-Text-Quoted to 1.8nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Reform to 1.11nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Substitute to 0.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Tabs+Wrap to 2001.0929nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Template to 1.43nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-WikiFormat to 0.72nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Text-Wrapper to 1.0nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Tie-EncryptedHash to 1.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Tie-IxHash to 1.21nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Time to 101.062101nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Time-HiRes to 1.59nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Time-Period to 1.20nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Time-Piece to 1.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-TimeDate to 1.14nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Tk to 804.027nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Tk to 804.027nb2 [wiz 2004-12-25]
	Updated p5-Tree-Simple to 1.06nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Unicode-IMAPUtf7 to 2.00nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Unicode-Map8 to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Unicode-String to 2.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-UNIVERSAL-moniker to 0.08nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Unix-Syslog to 0.99nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-URI to 1.30nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-User-Identity to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-User-Identity to 0.90 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated p5-VRML to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Wais to 2.311nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-Want to 0.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-WeakRef to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-WWW-Amazon-Wishlist to 0.65nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-WWW-Mechanize to 1.04 [wiz 2004-12-15]
	Updated p5-WWW-Mechanize to 1.04nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-X11-Protocol to 0.53nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Checker to 0.13nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-DOM to 1.43nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Encoding to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Filter-BufferText to 1.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Filter-DetectWS to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Filter-Reindent to 0.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Filter-SAXT to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Grove to [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXML to 1.57nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXML-Common to 0.13nb4 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXML-Iterator to 1.00nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXML-XPathContext to 0.06nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXSLT to 1.53nb4 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-NamespaceSupport to 1.07nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Node to 0.10nb3 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-NodeFilter to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Parser to 2.34nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-RAI to 0.51nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-RegExp to 0.03nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-RSS to 0.97nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-RSS-Parser to 2.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Sablotron to 0.98nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-SAX to 0.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-SAX-Expat to 0.35nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Simple to 2.12nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Stream to 1.15nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Twig to 3.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-UM to 0.01nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Writer to 0.500nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Writer-String to 0.1nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-Xerces to [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-XPath to 1.13nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-XQL to 0.68nb2 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-XSLT to 0.48nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-XUpdate-LibXML to 0.2.3nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-XML-YAWriter to 0.23nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-xmltv to 0.5.36nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p5-YAML to 0.35nb1 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated p7zip to 4.13 [wiz 2004-12-26]
	Updated pango to 1.8.0 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated perl58 to 5.8.5nb6 [grant 2004-12-20]
	Updated perl58 to 5.8.6 [jlam 2004-12-29]
	Updated pflkm to 20041204 [peter 2004-12-04]
	Updated php4 to 4.3.10 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated php5 to 5.0.3 [jdolecek 2004-12-17]
	Updated phpmyadmin to 2.6.1rc1 [adrianp 2004-12-14]
	Updated phppgadmin to 3.5.1 [jdolecek 2004-12-17]
	Updated pkgconfig to 0.15.0nb2 [grant 2004-12-18]
	Updated pkg_comp to 1.20 [grant 2004-12-12]
	Updated pkg_install to 20041209 [erh 2004-12-10]
	Updated png to 1.2.8 [wiz 2004-12-05]
	Updated polsms to 2.0.2 [zuntum 2004-12-26]
	Updated proxsmtp to 1.0 [jlam 2004-12-04]
	Updated pvs to 3.1nb2 [minskim 2004-12-31]
	Updated py-gnome2 to 2.6.2 [recht 2004-12-29]
	Updated py-gtk2 to 2.4.1 [recht 2004-12-29]
	Updated py-InlineEgg to 1.08 [adrianp 2004-12-28]
	Updated py-OpenSSL to 0.6 [minskim 2004-12-27]
	Updated py-ORBit to 2.0.1 [recht 2004-12-29]
	Updated py-postgresql to 3.6 [darcy 2004-12-16]
	Updated python-mode to 4.54 [ben 2004-12-05]
	Updated python-mode to 4.6.54 [ben 2004-12-04]
	Updated qmail to 1.03nb10 [schmonz 2004-12-21]
	Updated qmail-qfilter to 2.0 [schmonz 2004-12-21]
	Updated qmail-run to 20041229 [schmonz 2004-12-29]
	Updated racoon to 20040818a [itojun 2004-12-02]
	Updated rconfig to 0.42 [abs 2004-12-22]
	Updated roller to 1.19 [kim 2004-12-29]
	Updated rss2html to 0.7.1 [wiz 2004-12-23]
	Updated ruby-eruby to 1.0.5nb1 [taca 2004-12-16]
	Updated ruby-quota to 0.5.1nb1 [taca 2004-12-15]
	Updated ruby-rexml to 3.1.2nb1 [taca 2004-12-05]
	Updated ruby18 to 1.8.1nb2 [taca 2004-12-05]
	Updated samba to 3.0.10 [tron 2004-12-17]
	Updated scilab to 3.0nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated simh to 3.3.0 [skrll 2004-12-22]
	Updated skype to [rh 2004-12-24]
	Updated spamass-milter to 0.2.0 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated speedtouch to 1.3.1 [skrll 2004-12-23]
	Updated spegla to 1.1p4 [wiz 2004-12-09]
	Updated squid to 2.5.7nb2 [recht 2004-12-13]
	Updated squid to 2.5.7nb4 [taca 2004-12-31]
	Updated stunnel to 4.06 [martti 2004-12-28]
	Updated swiftsurf to 1.2.5nb2 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated sylpheed-gtk2 to [minskim 2004-12-26]
	Updated tcl to 8.4.8nb1 [kristerw 2004-12-30]
	Updated tcpflow to 0.21 [adrianp 2004-12-29]
	Updated thunderbird to 0.9nb1 [taya 2004-12-04]
	Updated thunderbird to 1.0 [taya 2004-12-14]
	Updated thunderbird-gtk2 to 0.9nb1 [taya 2004-12-04]
	Updated thunderbird-gtk2 to 1.0 [taya 2004-12-14]
	Updated tiff to 3.6.1nb6 [reed 2004-12-22]
	Updated tiff to 3.7.1 [reed 2004-12-28]
	Updated tileworld to 1.2.1 [wiz 2004-12-05]
	Updated timidity to 2.13.2nb1 [ben 2004-12-03]
	Updated tin to 1.6.2nb1 [dillo 2004-12-16]
	Updated tla to 1.3 [recht 2004-12-29]
	Updated un-core-ttf to 1.0nb1 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated un-extra-ttf to 1.0.1nb1 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated unison to 2.9.1nb3 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated unison-devel to 2.9.20nb2 [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Updated vera-ttf to 1.10nb3 [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Updated vmware-module3 to [jdolecek 2004-12-07]
	Updated vmware-module3 to [jdolecek 2004-12-26]
	Updated wesnoth to 0.8.7 [wiz 2004-12-01]
	Updated xbindkeys-tk to 1.7.1nb1 [minskim 2004-12-25]
	Updated xchm to 0.9.7 [minskim 2004-12-26]
	Updated xeukleides to 1.0.0 [kristerw 2004-12-31]
	Updated xine-lib to 1-rc8 [drochner 2004-12-22]
	Updated xmame to 0.89 [kristerw 2004-12-29]
	Updated xmame to 0.89nb1 [kristerw 2004-12-30]
	Updated xmess to 0.89 [kristerw 2004-12-29]
	Updated xmms-arts to 0.7.1 [markd 2004-12-01]
	Updated xmms-musepack to 1.1 [wiz 2004-12-04]
	Updated xpat2 to 1.07 [wiz 2004-12-03]
	Updated xpdf to 3.00pl2 [adrianp 2004-12-22]
	Updated xterm to 197 [minskim 2004-12-21]
	Updated xzgv to 0.8 [wiz 2004-12-23]
	Updated yatsvrs to 5.00.6nb3 [taca 2004-12-15]
	Updated yelp to 2.6.5 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated zenity to 2.8.2 [jmmv 2004-12-28]
	Updated zip to 2.3nb3 [wiz 2004-12-17]

Other Changes to the Packages Collection

	Downgraded xfce4-minicmd-plugin to 0.2.0nb5 [martti 2004-12-08]
	Downgraded xfce4-taskbar-plugin to 0.1.0nb1 [martti 2004-12-08]
	Removed gnumeric0 [wiz 2004-12-27]
	Removed gtk2-engines-industrial [jmmv 2004-12-24]
	Removed koncd [wiz 2004-12-28]
	Removed pan-gnome [wiz 2004-12-24]
	Removed sp [uebayasi 2004-12-04]
	Rename py-wxWindows to py-wxWidgets [wiz 2004-12-25]