Subject: Re: x11/tkman MESSAGE err
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2005 04:19:57
In article <>,
	"Martin S. Weber" <> writes:
> Yo maintainer of x11/tkman,

I'm the one that created that message and the mkindex script.
> the MESSAGE of tkman indicates that to invoke glimpse's index program,
> one has to add 'mkindex' to one's crontab. Actually that's wrong, as
> glimpse's index program is (meanwhile?) called 'glimpseindex'.

Next question first...
> I've looked at glimpseindex, but given I'm absolutely not into it,
> couldn't cook up a patch against MESSAGE containing the `right' options
> to glimpseindex for tkman's usage of it.

Funny you should say that.  I spent enough brain cells on the task,
myself, that I thought I would put it in a script and share it with
folks. I called the script "mkindex", and that message refers to it
by it's full installed path, usually "/usr/pkg/libexec/mkindex".

> Anyways, x11/tkman's MESSAGE should probably be adjusted.

I doubt that the message could be any clearer. The script could be
better--for example, to only add paths to the index which contain
"man?" directories.  Feel free to suggest specific changes.