Subject: Using pkg_chk in a sandbox
To: None <>
From: Laurent Hofer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/02/2005 22:49:11
Hi all,

I'd like to use a sandbox and pkg_chk to manage bunches of packages. I'm new 
with this and probably I don't use the good method. Indeed, some packages 
doesn't compile in the chroot jail, problems with detection of perl module 
(p5-XML-Parser while compiling intltools) or missing libs (libgpvm3 while 
compiling scilab) or other with gnome packages. But all of that compile well 
in the real system. So, here what I do, could you tell me where I do a 

1) pkg_chk -g to create a whole pkgchk.conf
2) cd /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All && pkg_tarup -d . *
3) /usr/pkgsrc/mk/bulk/sandbox to create a well setuped chroot env
4) chroot /usr/sandbox /bin/sh the first time, then pkg_add bash pkg_chk
5) exit and then chroot /usr/sandbox /usr/pkg/bin/bash
6) pkg_chk -a

the goal is to have up-to-date packages and to avoid rerere-compiling of some 

Laurent Hofer, Ayoros