Subject: Re: From PR to pkgsrc
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/31/2004 02:44:13
[ On Thursday, December 30, 2004 at 15:45:30 (-0500), Todd Vierling wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: From PR to pkgsrc
> ...Whether you think so or not, you *are* implying that pkgsrc-wip people
> have some kind of responsibility to do anything other than contribute their
> own packages.  This is simply not the case.

I'm not implying any such thing -- I am just pointing out that they are
a resource "you" could at least try to draw upon to alleviate the
pressures you've been complaining about.

Indeed you say you already do expect them to collaborate together -- all
that's missing is to point them at GNATS as yet another new source of
input to their collaborations!

> pkgsrc-wip *is* that delegation.  The end goal is to deprecate gnats as a
> submission method for new packages because of all its drawbacks.  Anyone
> submitting more than one package really should be using pkgsrc-wip.

And I'm saying that's just not going to happen, and I think I'm far from
the only person who feels that's an impossible and unworkable dream.

(Note that I most certainly don't mean to scare anyone away from
pkgsrc-wip if they feel they can use it -- just that I'm far from the
only person who's going to avoid it for one reason or another.)

IMVNSHO whatever mechanism exists for new pkg module submissions _MUST_
_NOT_ require any previous relationship or any form of authentication
setup etc.  Ideally it will continue to be e-mail based too.

And I'm also sure anything less will simply alienate contributors.

The beauty of GNATS (as it's used) is that it solicits anonymous

> We don't ignore them.  We just DON'T HAVE TIME to handle them all, and we
> have no authority to foist that task onto others.

Instead of complaining about what you don't have why not at least _try_
asking the "hundreds" of existing pkgsrc-wip "volunteers" to help!?!?!?

Why do you fight so hard against asking for help from those who already
make use of the very tool you feel is most appropriate for processing
new package submissions!?!?!?!?

As I'm sure you know a little bit of coordination and leadership makes
an enormous difference to any volunteer effort.  If you give them the
privilege then perhaps they'll be glad to accept the responsibility.

						Greg A. Woods

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