Subject: Re: a pkgsrc available file
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Dieter Baron <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/28/2004 21:13:33
In article <> Jeremy wrote:
: The following file is just a short example.

  Thank's for doing this, I think it was long overdue.

: Should I include the +SIZE_ALL information too?

  I don't think that would be very usefull.  More interesting is, how
much space is needed for the dependencies that need to be installed,
which can be computed quite easily.

: Should I should add a URL: field? Would it have complete URL? Or force the
: software using it to add a mirror? Maybe the other information is good
: enough for creating a good path to files on a FTP/HTTP server.

  I don't think including URLs is a good idea, since it makes it
harder to mirror/move the packages plus the available file.

: Also, as I mentioned in other email: maybe I should remove the
: LibRequires: of anything provided by same package. (Or maybe that doesn't
: matter since an intelligent program can quickly see it in the LibProvides:
: field.)

  I would prefer for them to be removed from LibRequires: Put the
logic into the one program creating the file instead of all of the N
programs using it.

: And maybe we should use objdump (or platform specific tool) to build the
: REQUIRES (my LibRequires) instead of ldd so only direct library
: dependencies will be listed.

  That sounds like an excelent idea.  Also, possibly omit libraries
from the base system, or at least mark them as such?