Subject: problems using chat/jabberd2
To: None <>
From: Mirko Thiesen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/25/2004 22:34:19
I installed jabberd2 from PkgSrc and configured it to use MySQL as a 
backend server for authentication.

The first problem I ran into was the following: Even though staring up 
jabberd and all of its components was successful when the system was 
already running, it failed when jabberd was started during the system boot 

According to what jabberd logged via syslog, it tried to connect to the 
MySQL backend server. But MySQL wasn't started at that time. In order to 
prevent jabberd from starting before MySQL I edited the jabberd rc.d 
script to REQUIRE: mysqld. That did not help. Although MySQL was started 
before jabberd afterwards, jabberd could still not contact the MySQL 
server. Obviously starting up MySQL on my system (AMD K6-2 400, 384 MB 
RAM) took longer than jabberd would wait for the SQL server to be 

My solution to this problem was to add a "sleep 5" to c2s's rc.d script. 
Actually, I'm not quite sure this is the preferred method. I think I'm 
probably not the only one having this problem (which of course will go by 
unnoticed until you do a full reboot). So maybe there is another, better 
solution out there. Even if nobody has any other ideas of how to deal with 
this problem, we should change the rc.d script in PkgSrc so that starting 
up jabberd during system bootup is more likely to work (i.e. put a 
REQUIRE: mysqld in there).

Okay, now I've got jabberd up and running, but I cannot connect to it. 
When I try to establish a connection from another system running WinXP and 
using either JAJC or Exodus, all I see in the log is the following two 

Dec 13 05:58:22 ReLink jabberd/c2s[1211]: [7] [, port=2552] connect
Dec 13 05:58:23 ReLink jabberd/c2s[1211]: [7] [, port=2552] disconnect

Somewhere on the web I found information about jabberd being very fussy 
when it comes to DNS names. I setup a CNAME for 
jabberd, so I'm not sure whether my problem is related to DNS issues at 

Maybe there's somebody out there who had more luck in setting up and 
running jabberd2 who could help me?

Bye, K&K,

PS: Merry Christmas to everyone!
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