Subject: py-postgresql needs postgresql74-client at build time?
To:, <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/15/2004 13:38:01
I was building py-postgresql under Solaris and it said:

sh: pg_config: not found
sh: pg_config: not found
sh: pg_config: not found

But the build continued and many headers and then definitions were

pg_config is not installed for me.

pg_config is provided by postgresql74-client. But py-postgresql only
depends on postgresql74-lib.

The second problem is that pg_config would not be in the path. Maybe could be patched to use PG_CONFIG and then that defined or use
sed to replace it with some ${PREFIX} and /bin/pg_config.

I am a little unfamiliar with the python and postgresql packages, but I
will test with BUILD_DEPENDS of the postgresql74-client.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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