Subject: Re: python and python library fix and PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED and new 2.4
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/14/2004 00:33:44
> It seems like I saw an email in the past few days about a python 
> library
> fix for Darwin/Mac OS X platform. I think it was for a missing 
> -lpython or
> something like that. Anyways, cvs update and py-Tk still failed to 
> build
> due to unknown functions.
> (If anyone can point me to email about this fix, please do.)

This works for me out of the box on 10.3.6 (with "Nov. gcc update") and 
python23-pth from pkgsrc-current.

> Maybe some PKGREVISION should have bumped -- at least on Darwin/Mac OS 
> X
> -- so it would force reinstall of something that fixes this.
But this will affect all other platforms as well..

> Also, I see that python 2.4 is now in pkgsrc. So I will use it instead.
> But I see that PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED didn't list the new python for 
> the
> x11/py-Tk. Should all the PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED be fixed -- or 
> should
> this be done on a one at a time as tested basis?

I avoided this on purpose since we're in a freeze right now. For after 
the freeze I'll think about following perl58's lead and use 
instead of seperate non-thread/thread python versions.. This means 
py*pth will go and all those ACCEPTED defines need to be changed 
anyway. (Plus PKGREVISION bumps on all python modules...)

> Are these type of things appropriate to fix for the freeze? (I think 
> so,
> since it should be stable.)

Yes, the libptyhon problem is more than appropriate to be fixed during 
the freeze.