Subject: binutils and linux
To: None <>
From: Christer Solskogen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/13/2004 17:01:46

I had some fun this weekend, using minimal-slackware and netbsd to try to
make my "own" distro. Maybe someday I`ll do something serious about it, or
maybe not. This was all just for the phun.

What I wanted to do is to replace as much as possible from slackware to
pkgsrc. I already did (g)gmake, and gcc3(both c, and c++) and cvs, openssh
and all that. But I`m having trouble with binutils.
That is, I cant compile binutils(from pkgsrc) with binutils from pkgsrc.
It seems like I need binutils to install binutils. It seems like a good
thing to have binutils when compiling it, but isnt`it wierd that I need
binutils only to 'bmake install' ? This would be a problem when binutils
is upgraded from a old version to a newer one.

Please Cc: to me, I`m not on the list.