Subject: pkgsrc zope25-CMFPlone-1.0.3 to plone 2 which has been stable for
To: None <>
From: Tariq Rashid <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/13/2004 16:02:53

I wonder if you have plans to update te pkgsrc zope25-CMFPlone-1.0.3 to 
Plone 2.

Plone 2 has been stable for some time and  zope25-CMFPlone-1.0.3 was 
last updated in mid 2003 (if i am correct).

The undelying software for Plone2 already exsists in pkgsrsc - latest 
python, new Zope, etc ...

if there are no plans to do so, i may get the "tarball" and see if i can 
install it myself and if i have time maybe help with the pkg-src port of it?


tariq rashid
(london, uk)