Subject: Time problem with Perl
To: None <>
From: Marc Baudoin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/10/2004 11:52:25

I've noticed a problem related to conversion to local time with a
Perl compiled from pkgsrc:

% /usr/pkg/bin/perl -e '$toto = localtime (time);print "$toto\n";'
Fri Dec 10 10:46:04 2004

With a Perl manually compiled from sources:

% /usr/local/bin/perl -e '$toto = localtime (time);print "$toto\n";'
Fri Dec 10 11:46:20 2004

Which is the right local time.  In both cases, the shell command
date and the Perl function time() return the correct values.

The problem appears on three different computers (running
different versions of NetBSD_BETA and RC4).

I don't have this problem with perl-5.8.5nb2 (on yet another
computher running stock 2.0) but I have it with perl-5.8.5nb3 and
perl-5.8.5nb4.  Could it be a wrong pkgsrc patch?