Subject: Re: pkg_install BIG problem
To: Eric Haszlakiewicz <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/10/2004 01:11:22
> 	Now, if you run a 'make update', it should build, _then_ deinstall,
> then install.  I'm thinking this should probably be the default order
> for all packages, but I didn't want to go breaking tons of stuff right
> now if I'm wrong.

Yes, I agree that it should happen in that order for all packages (is 
there anyone who doesn't hate it when an already removed package doesn't 
compile, then we're stuck scrambling to get something in place for the 

> 	John, if a 'make replace' didn't work before then you probably have
> some other problem.  Still, can you try the most recent makefile and let
> me know if it help?

Everything works, with the exception of "make update" not cleaning after 
itself when it's done.

"make replace" gives me:
===> do-su-replace [pkg_install-20041110] ===> Replacing pkg_install-20041110
*** WARNING - experimental target - data loss may be experienced ***
No /usr/local/bin/pkg_tarup binary - can't pkg_tarup pkg_install

For reference, this is a pretty virgin 2.0 install with the latest pkgsrc.
For simplicity's sake, I had just added this to the Makefile to make 
things work "normally":

NO_PKG_REGISTER=        # defined