Subject: Re: X11 app-defaults not loading
To: Dave <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/07/2004 17:30:53

Is it that, or is it the fact that we moved all these X11 based packages
over to /usr/pkg?  I noticed the other day that there is a serious problem
here, in that X11 will not read the resource files from
/usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults, so packages like xfig (or in Dave's case,
xmix) are now grumbling or just failing to work.  When I did a pkg_info -L
on xfig, I realized immediately what the problem was, and just had not
gotten the prioritized time where I could write a PR about this problem.

IMHO, the moving of packages like xmix, xfig, etc. from /usr/X11 to
/usr/pkg was a bit of a mistake, as it was not thought through 100% of the
way.  It solved the problem of mixing pkgsrc files in with the stuff from
base X11 packages, but in turn created this problem with the resource files
(and also made it easier for folks to do `rm -rf /usr/pkg` to remove all
installed pkgsrc SW instead of doing it using pkg_delete).  But I will also
say that having folks set XAPPLRESDIR to a path in /usr/pkg is not a
workable solution either.  This variable is not a path, but is a single
directory, and if a user has their own applications, they need this
variable available for their use.  Nor, should we require them to set
XFILESEARCHPATH either.  Instead, things should work with no tricks like
this, which argues that any pkgsrc package installing something like xfig,
xmix, etc. should install things in /usr/X11 just as they used to do.

My $1.25 worth.

- Doug

Quoting Dave (
> It seems that the files in /usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults are not being
> properly loaded anymore.  In particular, this makes xmix look really
> bland.  Anyone know what's up with that?
> -- 
> David Griffith

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