Subject: Re: pkgsrc build breakages (was Re: ALL_TARGET -> BUILD_TARGET)
To: None <>
From: Jukka Salmi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/07/2004 21:21:20
Douglas Wade Needham --> tech-pkg (2004-12-07 14:02:25 -0500):
> Indeed, when I grep through
> files looking for ALL_TARGET, I still find 223 files (including
> containing the string.

Hmm, are you sure you didn't count ALL_TARGET _and_ INSTALL_TARGET
matches? In my pkgsrc tree - updated yesterday - I could only find
two matches where I'm not sure whether they are correct: one for
lang/perl5/Makefile (if ${STATIC_PERL} == "YES" ...), and one for
security/tcp_wrappers/Makefile (but here it's ${ALL_TARGET.${OPSYS}}).

And, BTW, from mk/
# remove after 2005Q1
.if defined(ALL_TARGET)
PKG_FAIL_REASON+='ALL_TARGET is deprecated and must be replaced with BUILD_TARGET.'

HTH, Jukka

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