Subject: Re: mng and automake on OS X
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/02/2004 16:22:49
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> From some research, it appears that the wrong (old) versions of some auto*
> tool or tools are being used. For example, my Mac OS X box has
> /usr/bin/automake which is version 1.6.3. My pkgsrc-installed
> /opt/pkg/bin/automake is version 1.9.3
> My work-around was to define AUTOM4TE and AUTOCONF variables in the
> environment to the full path to the pkgsrc version.
> I posted about this a couple days ago (but I was using Solaris and my
> errors were different) -- because I was thinking that the fix should
> really have the full paths used within the installed autom4te and automake
> scripts instead.

We should be linking the correct scripts into work/.tools/bin with the 
"right" names, e.g. work/.tools/bin/aclocal -> /usr/pkg/bin/aclocal-1.9. 
  The only reason this isn't way it's currently done is because and pre-date the implementation of  I 
believe the nicer way to do this nowadays is to get rid of 
and, make do the symlinking I note above, then make 
packages that include auto*.mk to do GNU_TOOLS+= autoconf instead.


	-- Johnny Lam <>