Subject: Re: HEADS UP: postfix-2.1.5nb1 and .db tables
To: Takahiro Kambe <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/02/2004 10:10:54
Takahiro Kambe wrote:

>>Finally I must say (as the postfix maintainer that) I don't understand why
>>this depends on db4 as it worked perfectly fine with the NetBSD db library...
> If postfix depends on openldap, postfix's binary link with openldap's
> library.  openldap package depends on db4 because openldap uses db4 as
> one of backend database.  As results, postfix uses db4.
> Recreate ".db files or don't enable openldap support when building
> postfix package.

In this case this is not true as I'm only adding pcre support and it
does not need db4. So clearly db4 dependency is not required.

ROOT inside:/usr/pkgsrc/mail/postfix> grep postfix /etc/mk.conf
PKG_OPTIONS.postfix=    inet6 pcre

ROOT inside:/usr/pkgsrc/mail/postfix> make clean clean-depends
===> Cleaning for postfix-2.1.5nb1
===> Cleaning for libtool-base-1.5.10nb6
===> Cleaning for pcre-5.0nb1
===> Cleaning for db4-4.2.52nb7

ROOT inside:/usr/pkgsrc/devel/pcre> make clean clean-depends
===> Cleaning for pcre-5.0nb1
===> Cleaning for libtool-base-1.5.10nb6