Subject: Re: Providing pkgsrc.tar as bz2 as well as gz
To: grant beattie <>
From: Andy Wallis <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/29/2004 19:37:20
> Grant Beattie siad: 
> I too have encountered this problem on earlier versions of Solaris,
> and it would be good to not have to hunt down bzip2/gzip binaries
> before being able to get up and running.
It looks like I've found the proverbial itch to scratch. Methinks it's time for
me to play around with including gzip/bzip2 functionality in bootstrap.
> the BSD-licensed mrgzip(1) in NetBSD-current would be a good
> candidate for pkgsrc and boostrap.
Thanks for the pointer. I'll see if I can get a good port of mrgzip into 
bootstrap. In all likelyhood, I'll try it and massaging archivers/bzip2 
and archivers/gzip to work as well. A bake-off should determine which one 
would be better. 

Mrgzip has everything under one roof while the pkgsrc versions could cut
down on potentional imcompatibilites or name collisions. I'll play with both
and see how they handle.

-Andy Wallis