Subject: Re: pthread + pkgsrc proposal
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Perkin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/24/2004 11:47:54
* On 2004-11-24 at 11:42 GMT, Martin Husemann wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 07:01:37AM +0000, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
> > For pkgsrc, I will be making changes so that if the package uses
> > dlopen(), then it will be automatically linked with pthread
> > support. 
> If I have a pkg that uses dlopen, but I am realy sure that it never
> will dlopen() anything threaded - will there be a way to declare
> that I know what I'm doing and avoid the pthread linking?

What are the advantages of doing so?  Faster startup time?


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