Subject: Mplayer/MplayerPlugin no sound for quicktime
To: None <>
From: Merritt Draney <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/22/2004 19:39:05
I installed the new mplayerplug-in package from pkgsrc the other day 
(thank you so very much whoever did it, I have been trying to get it to 
work for awhile now) and went to  None of the movies had 
any sound.  When I went to another site that had windows media it had 
sound.  So I messed around for a little bit and eventually downloaded 
all the codecs and installed them manually into the directory where they 
are in /usr/pkg/lib/win32.  Walla it works now.  Quicktime also did not 
play in just regular mplayer as apposed to the plugin stated above.  
Maybe it was just me that was having this problem but wanted everyone to 
be made aware of this.  Thank you.