Subject: Spamassassin quandry
To: None <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/19/2004 13:51:55
[using the SA 3.0.1 from pkgsrc on 2.0_RC5 without mysql, with user_prefs]

I used to run with the config:

spamd_flags="-H -c -a -u nobody --socketpath /var/run/spamd"

But something doesn't work right when I run it like that with the newer
package.  So I flip to use:

spamd_flags="-H -c -u smtpd --socketpath /var/run/spamd"

but this fails to create the socket and fails to write the pid making the
package unfortunately clumsy.

I can fix the socket path issue by using:

spamd_flags="-H -c -u smtpd --socketpath /home/smtpd/run/spamd"

The pid file fails to be written, so stopping and reloading becomes a
process wondering what the rc script is doing for me.

If I don't have the -u arg, SA rightly complains about running as root.  For
what it's worth, it doesn't run at all well as root.  Once it gets any load,
the system starts paging and the best recourse after a while is to just
reboot the system.

Is there a recommended way to run SA other than as root or should I just
hack up the spamd script to put the pid file somewhere else?

Thanks for pointers,