Subject: Re: Sendmail SMTP auth w/ SASL2
To: Adrian Portelli <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/17/2004 13:34:07
   No.  What's cy2-login?  Where should I've seen that I need it?

Adrian Portelli wrote:
> You do have cy2-login installed dont you ?

Adrian Portelli also wrote:
> Sorry, I should probably explain myself a little better:
> When you do an "EHLO" the server should respond with the auth mechanisims it supports e.g. PLAIN, LOGIN etc 

   Yeah.  I was too brief on that in my original email.  I indicated
that I was seeing that line, but didn't give the whole thing.
A EHLO localhost will give me, amonst other info:


   Is there something else I should see in this line other than

> adrian.
> Chris Ross wrote:
>>   Hi there.  I have a 2.0_RC4 machine that I'm trying to get SMTP
>> AUTH working on.
>>   I've built the pkgsrc sendmail 8.12.11 and replaced the system
>> sendmail with it.  It seems to work alright, and "AUTH ..." is
>> listed in response to EHLO.
>>   However, when prompted for a password, I give it only to be
>> prompted again by my client.  The /var/log/authlog on the server
>> says:
>> Nov 17 09:55:08 harmony sm-mta[19007]: could not find auxprop plugin, 
>> was searching for [all]
>> Nov 17 09:55:08 harmony sm-mta[19007]: OTP: auxprop backend can't 
>> store properties
>>   I'm not sure why it's trying to use auxprop, nor do I know
>> how to have it find it, if that is what I want to do.
>>   I've installed saslauthd, and it's running (-a getpwent).  But,
>> I don't think it's being used.  I've created a 
>> /usr/pkg/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf,
>> which contains only the line:
>> pwcheck_method: saslauthd
>>   Does anyone see anything obvious I've done wrong?  Thanks...