Subject: Re: Packages of Zope 2.7.2, Plone 2.0.4 and some Plone stuff
To: None <>
From: Pierre Bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/17/2004 18:28:40
Douglas Wade Needham a écrit :

> As I have mentioned previously, I have a whole list of zope packages I
> have been working on.  They include:

Sorry, I missed your post :(

>     zope27-GroupUserFolder-2.0.1 Zope GroupUserFolder
>     zope27-2.7.2        Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment (v2.7.2)
>     zope27-AbracadabraObject-2.0.1 Pre-configured objects with only one click
[ ...]
>     zope27-ZMySQLDA-2.0.9b2 MySQL Database adaptor for Zope

waooo ! such as list ! ... I'm so young in pkgsrc'ing ;-)

> These packages are using a meta-package "zope2", which is similar to
> the Python package, and the packages themselves are packaged with
> directory names such as "www/zope2-CMFPlone".  I have offered to make
> these packages available as a tarball in the past, and have posted the
> URL to see them via cvsweb.  The main reasons they have not yet gone
> into pkgsrc-wip and then into pgksrc are:
> 0) There have been some transitory problems building a few packages on
>    which I depend for my overall builds using the head of the pkgsrc
>    tree. 
> 1) Some Zope products are giving me errors during the python
>    compilation.  Still trying to figure out who to get it to tell me
>    what is glitching.
> 2) There have been several new releases, such as zope 2.7.3 and CMF
>    1.5 released in the past month or so.  

yes, but now zope in pkgsrc in a bit old (2.6.2) ...

>                                          This is important, since
> 3) I have found a couple of bugs in key places, such as during the
>    inital login to a Plone site, which I have been hoping are fixed
>    with a new version of Plone, or some other package.  I have even
>    noted that under some circumstances, it is possible to get Plone to
>    give errors during the signup process itself.
> 4) Lack of input from most folks in the community.

Only 3 people discussing about it in this list, and I'm a newbie about 
zope/plone ;-/

> BTW...After several discussions and and much reading, I concluded that
> it is probably a good thing to break out the individual packages from
> within Plone and several other packages.  This will allow for updating
> of the parts, or for persons to select a package such as GRUF without
> needing to pick up all of Plone.

mmmhh ... In my particular case, I do not want to break CMFPlone into too 
much packages (not more than I've posted on my web site), at least now. This 
because plone is really sensite about other component version.

For instance, CMF-1.4.7 is required by plone, and upgrading CMF package (a 
more recent version) will break Plone 2.0.4; so if people provide a package 
for CMF-Plone 1.5x for instance, I will be more complicated to people using 
Plone-2.0.4 to retrieve the correct pkgsrc definition of CMF-1.4.7.

Of course, people may want to use CMF-1.5x from pkgsrc (because they do not 
use Plone for instance), so a package zope27-CMF should exists, but pkgsrc 
definition of Plone 2.0.4 pkgsrc must list zope26-CMF-[0-9]* as conflicting, 
right ?

Anayway, I'm thinking about pushes my stuff into pkgsrc-wip (but where to 
find time to maintain them after ?) : It could be the first step to put zope 
and plone (recent) stuff available ... then other contributors may use this 
ground to complete and update particular packages I do not provide, such as 
yours ?

Glad to read answers about it,

Pierre Bourgin

> - Doug
> Quoting Pierre Bourgin (
>>I've just made on my own the following packages for the NetBSD package 
>>zope-2.7.2                       Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment.
>>zope27-GroupUserFolder-3.1.1     user managment for Zope
>>zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4            Content Management System
>>zope27-Epoz-0.8.5                Wysiwyg editor component
>>zope27-ZAttachmentAttribute-2.21 an attachment helper class
>>zope27-ZAAPlugins-2.21           a collection of ZAttachment Plugins
>>zope27-PloneExFile-2.03          A Plone content type with an attachment
>>zope27-PloneSiteMap-2.3.1        site map feature for your Plone sites
>>zope27-LDAPUserFolder-2.4        authenticates Zope users against LDAP
>>This work has been done based on the (current) pkgsrc version of 2004
>>october 09.
>>I built and used theses packages on both NetBSD-1.6.2/i386 and
>>Solaris8/sparc environnements without any troubles.
>>My test method was to import a Plone site from a Zope/Plone-2.0.4 Windows
>>installation (official windows installer provided by Plone site).
>>These packages definitions are available on download at the following 
>>   (each file matching "zope27*-20041110.tar.gz")
>>I will be glad if these packages were rewieved and added into the pkgsrc 
>>Hope this may suits to your needs !
>>Some pkgsrc technical notices:
>>** zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4 package provides a lot of components, and some
>>comes from the zope-CMF project and distributed in the source archive file
>>of Plone; unfortunatly, I did not make a zope27-CMF package (as zope25
>>package framework provides), because Plone is *really* sensitive on version
>>of some zope/CMF components: for instance, Plone 2.0.4 won't work on top of
>>zope 2.7.3, or won't work with the last BTreeFolder2 component version.
>>** when it was possible, I do not use the zope/plone components provided in
>>the zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4 sources, but create an independent package, in
>>order to provide a more recent version of the component: for instance, Plone
>>2.0.4 provides Epoz-0.7.5, but works nice with the last stable version
>>(0.8.5) of Epoz; so the package zope27-Epoz-0.8.5.
>>** zope27* packages are installing into ${PREFIX}/lib/zope/, that implies
>>conflicts with (previous versions of) zope25* packages; Perhaps it would  be
>>better to install them into ${PREFIX}/lib/zope27/ instead, so zope25* and
>>zope27* packages will coexist on the same machine ?
>>** dependances between zope27* packages has been written as better as I can,
>>but I'm not enough clever (and had not enough time) to check conflicts with
>>other (zope25*) packages.
>>** zope27 package does not create any dedicated unix user as zope25 were
>>doing; it's at least noticed in the related DESCR file.
>>Pierre Bourgin