Subject: Re: How to get rid of pkgsrc make spewage?
To: None <>
From: Magnus Eriksson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/16/2004 00:39:23
On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> >   Is there a way to turn off echoing the compiler output when building a
> > package in pkgsrc?

> First off why not use "nohup make package > /var/tmp/my_build.out 2>&1 &" ???

  Because that still leaves me with too many lines that don't contain
useful information.

> Also, why not use "pkg_info" (before and) after the fact?

  That would work...

> I have /etc/daily keep a sorted list of installed packages in /etc/packages

  I already get that, sort of, from the daily security script (more or
less).  That would work too...

  ... but it is just obviously better to log installations as they happen.
Why go through an extra compare step when you could just dump out a log?

> As a last resort to answer your specific question

Well, finally then.  :-)

> you can always just
> use "ls -lrt /var/db/pkg" and scroll back until the dates are older than
> when you started the most recent build that you want to know about.

> I.e. the solution to your problem is _NEVER_ to throw away good
> information but rather to learn to be selective at how you look at the
> information that's already available to you!  ;-)

  That is indeed the solution to my problem.  I've thought about the
possibility of having a graphical shell that hides the details but lets
you pull up the full output when things go wrong.  (No doubt the
command-line mafia will see to it that there is an ASCII horse head in my
bed some morning later this week.)

  Ok, so there's no way to do this (the way I want to) then.  Thanks
anyway for the ideas.  (And to Roland and Julio too.)

  Looking at /var/db/pkg and grep'ing for the right date is something I
can live with.  (As long as things buld just fine, i.e. never.)  :-)