Subject: Re: How to get rid of pkgsrc make spewage?
To: Magnus Eriksson <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/15/2004 17:04:57
[ On Monday, November 15, 2004 at 16:12:33 (+0100), Magnus Eriksson wrote: ]
> Subject: How to get rid of pkgsrc make spewage?
>   Is there a way to turn off echoing the compiler output when building a
> package in pkgsrc?  It would be useful to be able to use the scrollback to
> actually see what as been installed after you install a "big" package,
> such as e.g. gimp.  I noticed you can set ECHO_MSG to lose the "``===>''
> style prompts", and am looking for something similar.

First off why not use "nohup make package > /var/tmp/my_build.out 2>&1 &" ???

(you don't even need to do the redirects if you're happy to have a
"nohup.out" created where you start in your pkgsrc tree)

Then you can grep the output to find find out whatever your heart
desires and you don't have to worry that your scrollback buffer won't be
big enough (and it _never_ will be).

Also, why not use "pkg_info" (before and) after the fact?

I have /etc/daily keep a sorted list of installed packages in /etc/packages

I can then re-create that list on demand and compare it to yesterday's
list (indeed I effectively have /etc/daily do that too by adding
/etc/packages to /etc/changelist -- it's much cleaner and easier to read
then the default cr^H^Hstuff that's in /etc/daily by default now).

As a last resort to answer your specific question you can always just
use "ls -lrt /var/db/pkg" and scroll back until the dates are older than
when you started the most recent build that you want to know about.

I.e. the solution to your problem is _NEVER_ to throw away good
information but rather to learn to be selective at how you look at the
information that's already available to you!  ;-)

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