Subject: Re: pkg_delete unable to delete multiple packages
To: Douglas Wade Needham <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/12/2004 00:04:40
> Pavel,
> There are a number of ways you could do this.  You could, against all
> sane recommendations, force the dependencies to be ignored and have
> the packages removed by specifying the '-f' option to pkg_delete.  Or,
> you could use the '-r' option to remove all the packages which depend
> either directly or indirectly upon those packages you wish to delete,
> and then remove the package as you requested.  In either case, I would

I'm sorry, probably I have been unclear, because you don't understand what
I wanted to to. I do not want to ignore dependencies. I do not want to
remove all packages which depend on those packages that I wish to delete.
I simply want to delete all the packages from the specified list that
nothing else depends on.

In other words, what does pkg_delete <onepackage> do? It deletes the
package, unless anything else depends on it, in which case it prints a
message and does nothing. I expect the same behaviour when using
pkg_delete <many packages> (delete those packages, unless anything else
depend on them). But I don't get it, because pkg_delete stops when
encountering dependencies _internal_ to  the list of packages to be
deleted, but such dependencies are irrelevant in this case and can be
avoided by topological ordering of this list.

> suggest using caution, as you may end up with a system which is
> effectively unusable, as you may have packages you use on a daily
> basis broken by the missing dependencies, or removed from the system.

Of course, that's why I do not want to do it.

> Now, with that said, I have to ask why you were wanting to remove all
> the perl modules?  It may be that your ultimate goal is such that you

OK, good question. That's because all those modules depend on either perl
or per-thread. I had perl and realized that maybe I need perl-thread
instead (because p5-SVN dumps core with a pthread related error), so I
deleted perl (using pkg_delete -f) and then I thought that it was not a
best idea and decided to delete the modules (to rebuild them later against

Thanks and bye	Pavel