Subject: Packages of Zope 2.7.2, Plone 2.0.4 and some Plone stuff
To: tech-pkg <>
From: Pierre Bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/10/2004 16:56:45

I've just made on my own the following packages for the NetBSD package system:

zope-2.7.2                       Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment.
zope27-GroupUserFolder-3.1.1     user managment for Zope
zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4            Content Management System
zope27-Epoz-0.8.5                Wysiwyg editor component
zope27-ZAttachmentAttribute-2.21 an attachment helper class
zope27-ZAAPlugins-2.21           a collection of ZAttachment Plugins
zope27-PloneExFile-2.03          A Plone content type with an attachment
zope27-PloneSiteMap-2.3.1        site map feature for your Plone sites
zope27-LDAPUserFolder-2.4        authenticates Zope users against LDAP

This work has been done based on the (current) pkgsrc version of 2004
october 09.

I built and used theses packages on both NetBSD-1.6.2/i386 and
Solaris8/sparc environnements without any troubles.

My test method was to import a Plone site from a Zope/Plone-2.0.4 Windows
installation (official windows installer provided by Plone site).

These packages definitions are available on download at the following location:

    (each file matching "zope27*-20041110.tar.gz")

I will be glad if these packages were rewieved and added into the pkgsrc system.

Hope this may suits to your needs !

Some pkgsrc technical notices:

** zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4 package provides a lot of components, and some
comes from the zope-CMF project and distributed in the source archive file
of Plone; unfortunatly, I did not make a zope27-CMF package (as zope25
package framework provides), because Plone is *really* sensitive on version
of some zope/CMF components: for instance, Plone 2.0.4 won't work on top of
zope 2.7.3, or won't work with the last BTreeFolder2 component version.

** when it was possible, I do not use the zope/plone components provided in
the zope27-CMFPlone-2.0.4 sources, but create an independent package, in
order to provide a more recent version of the component: for instance, Plone
2.0.4 provides Epoz-0.7.5, but works nice with the last stable version
(0.8.5) of Epoz; so the package zope27-Epoz-0.8.5.

** zope27* packages are installing into ${PREFIX}/lib/zope/, that implies
conflicts with (previous versions of) zope25* packages; Perhaps it would  be
better to install them into ${PREFIX}/lib/zope27/ instead, so zope25* and
zope27* packages will coexist on the same machine ?

** dependances between zope27* packages has been written as better as I can,
but I'm not enough clever (and had not enough time) to check conflicts with
other (zope25*) packages.

** zope27 package does not create any dedicated unix user as zope25 were
doing; it's at least noticed in the related DESCR file.


Pierre Bourgin