Subject: Re: sandbox builds + Re: Removing All Packages
To: None <,>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/09/2004 13:14:58
On Saturday 06 November 2004 20:44, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:

> Now, I have a question for Ian before I go on with the rest of my
> reply...
>     Just what exactly is it that you are trying to accomplish by
>     deleting all of the packages???

Sometimes i sync my /usr/pkgsrc with CVS and rebuild packages i'm using. Like 
KDE, Gnome, GIMP, and other heavy stuff which depends on tons of other small 
packages. Most likely at the moment when next KDE version is released, my 
installed libpng etc etc are obsolete. And IMHO the easiest way to completely 
update my system and get working packages tree which always worked just fine 
for me is to 1) delete *all* packages 2) cd /usr/pkgsrc/meta-packages/kde && 
make package.

AFAIU there's some way to update existing packages installation from both 
binary/pkgsrc but.. delete/rebuild just works for me and until i don't ave a 
really stable, proven and guaranteed choise i don't want to change 
anything :)

// wbr