Subject: odd distfile scheme
To: None <>
From: David Price <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/08/2004 16:38:04
 	I am working on a set of packages, where the distfiles come in an 
odd scheme, and would like opinions on what the best way to manage them 
might be.

The packages consist of a main package (emboss-base), and several other 
optional packages which depend on the main package for installation 
(emboss-hmmer, emboss-phylip, ...).

The storage scheme that the maintainers of the software have on their ftp:
Emboss-base has a version number which is updated for each new release. 
On a new release, the old version of emboss-base is moved into a folder 
called "old".

The optional distfiles have a fixed version number (usually, on occasion
the version numbers have been changed), which does not change when changes 
are made to the distfile.  Old versions of these distfiles are moved into 
the "old" folder, and may get their name changed to something similar to
"<name>-pre2.8.0", where 2.8.0 is a version of the main distfile,

The main distfile and optional distfiles may be updated independantly of 
one another.

To deal with this, Im trying to come up with a directory scheme in the 
directory I keep distfiles in.  The best way to me seems to be to keep a 
emboss-base directory, and name-<release date> subdirectory.  I was
considering keeping an emboss-base-<version> with 
subdirs name-<release date>, but maintaining this scheme seems messy. 
Another option is keeping seperate name-<release date> dirs.

I looked for examples from existing packages that seemed similar, 
the closest I could find had its distfiles in single directory, and there 
was not a problem because each one had a different version.  This would be 
similar to using an emboss/name-<date> subdirectory, but each distfile was 
not part of a seperate package, whereas what I am dealing with, each 
distfile belongs to a different package.

Any ideas would be welcomed,