Subject: pkgsrc with Slackware 10
To: None <>
From: Will Saxon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/04/2004 10:37:01

Is this the appropriate list for questions about pkgsrc on non-NetBSD =
systems like Linux?

I am trying to install OpenSSH via pkgsrc. It compiles and installs =
without issue. I have created all the host keys, placing them in =
/usr/pkg/etc/ssh/. However, I am not able to establish outgoing ssh =
connections and unable to authenticate incoming connections.

Attempting to establish an outbound connection yields the error "Host =
key verification failed." I have set 'StrictHostKeyChecking=3Dask' in =
both the /usr/pkg/etc/ssh/ssh_config file as well as my ~/.ssh/config =
file, to no avail.=20

While running sshd, connections are established but passwords are never =
accepted. Running sshd in debug mode shows that the keyboard-interactive =
auth method fails before I ever get to enter a password. Then with the =
password auth mode, I show an error about auth_shadow_pwexpired. =
Password authentication also fails.

OpenSSH works correctly when compiled/installed from source manually. I =
am not sure why it would work and the pkgsrc-compiled openssh would not. =
As far as I can tell the configure options are very similar if not =
identical. I believe the 'default' location for the privsep user is =
different from the pkgsrc one, but I don't think that is causing the =

What can I do to get OpenSSH working via pkgsrc?