Subject: mtr on 2.0 ppc broken
To: None <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/02/2004 08:56:15

The latest net/mtr on 2.0 on ppc dumps core shortly after launching. Since 
optimization seems to be the cause of many new problems on ppc machines, I 
tried compiling it with -O0, and it got farther (started drawing stuff on 
the screen), then segfaulted.

I barely have any time to look into this (off to do lots of election 
related stuff), but here at least is my conusing screen from after it 

                              My traceroute  [v0.65] ( psize=64 bitpatternTue Nov  2 08:54:01 2004
(no debugging symbols found)...start statistics   Order of fields   quit
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.         Pings
0x418e5c14 in ?? () from /usr/lib/ Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev(

Without the -O0, it just gives a Segmentation fault (core dumped).

Any ideas?

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