Subject: pkg_install problem
To: None <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/01/2004 03:45:05
pkg_install is special; how is this supposed to be handled properly?

lain: {16} make update
===> do-su-deinstall [pkg_install-20041031] ===> Deinstalling for pkg_install
===> do-su-deinstall [pkg_install-20041031] ===> Becoming to deinstall pkg_install.
/usr/bin/su Terminal type is xterm-color.
Running /usr/sbin/pkg_delete -K /var/db/pkg -r pkg_install-20040813
Package `pkg_install-20040813' is marked as not for deletion
===> do-fetch [pkg_install-20041031] ===> Checking for vulnerabilities in pkg_install-20041031
===> do-su-install [pkg_install-20041031] ===> Installing for pkg_install-20041031
===> do-su-install [pkg_install-20041031] ===> Becoming to install pkg_install.
/usr/bin/su Terminal type is xterm-color.
===> real-su-install [pkg_install-20041031] ===> pkg_install-20040813 is already installed - perhaps an older version?
*** If so, you may use either of:
***  - "pkg_delete pkg_install-20040813" and "/usr/bin/make reinstall" to upgrade properly
***  - "/usr/bin/make update" to rebuild the package and all of its dependencies
***  - "/usr/bin/make replace" to replace only the package without re-linking
***    dependencies, risking various problems.
*** Error code 1

John Klos
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