Subject: Re: mysqlcc broken by recent upgrade to mysql 4.1.x
To: Chris Wareham <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/31/2004 17:51:20
Chris Wareham wrote:
> As the subject says, the recent switch to mysql 4.1.x has broken
> databases/mysqlcc. I didn't look at fixing it, because it is no longer
> being developed by MySQL AB. They are now concentrating on
> mysql-administrator. I took a quick stab at making a package for
> mysql-administrator (which depends on gtkmm rather than wxGTK).

Yeah, ditching mysqlcc and adding mysql-administrator would
be TRT.

> Unfortunately it bails out with an error compiling
> I've included a cut down copy of the errors from g++ below:
> /usr/include/g++/cmath:107: error: `acosf' not declared
> /usr/include/g++/cmath:110: error: `asinf' not declared
> (further complaints about math functions omitted)
> /usr/include/g++/cmath: In function `float std::acos(float)':
> /usr/include/g++/cmath:184: error: `acosf' undeclared in namespace `
>     __gnu_cxx::__c99_binding'
> /usr/include/g++/cmath: In function `float std::asin(float)':
> /usr/include/g++/cmath:204: error: `asinf' undeclared in namespace `
>     __gnu_cxx::__c99_binding'
> (further complaints about math methods omitted)
> In member function `bool
>     MAServerLogsPanel::process_logs(MAServerLogsPanel::LogType)':
> error: `strptime' undeclared (first use this
>     function)
> error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported 
> only
>     once for each function it appears in.)
> includes math.h, but it wasn't wrapped in an extern
> "C" block. Thinking to myself that would fix it, I added the extern "C"
> block around the handful of C headers included in the file. Still no
> luck. I changed the included to the cmath, etc. Still no luck.
> Has anyone seen this kind of error before, as I'm stumped but would
> really like a nice GUI frontend to MySQL!

Which version of NetBSD do you use? It also seems the package
uses incorrect _XOPEN_SOURCE define or doesn't include <time.h>, which
is the reason it doesn't see definition of strptime().

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